A Guide to Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

Children use their bedrooms for everything. From playing and reading to sleeping and doing their homework, it is no secret that kids spend a lot of their time in their rooms. This is why it is so important to make sure it is a space that they enjoy being in and one that reflects their personalities as much as possible.

Here is a quick guide of things to consider when decorating your child’s bedroom to ensure it is a room they love being in for years to come.

Think About The Walls

When it comes to any decorating project, what to do with the walls is one of the first things that spring to mind. In terms of durability and functionality, it might be best to choose paint over wallpaper. You can select paints that can be easily wipe cleaned, are scuff and mark resistant – perfect for children’s rooms. Consider your child’s favourite colours when it comes to selecting a shade of paint and think about whether they would appreciate a mural feature wall of their favourite TV characters or interests or some wall stickers for some added excitement. One thing is for certain, any decoration project can be stressful, especially if you are a busy parent, so think about bringing in the experts by using painters and decorators in London for a professional finish.

Consider The Flooring

Kids use their bedrooms for everything, so it is important that the type of floor you choose for their room is as child-friendly as possible. While carpet might be soft underfoot and comfy to sit on and softer to trip and fall on when kids are playing, cleaning it can be a nightmare if your child spills something onto it or excitedly runs muddy shoes through the house. With this in mind, a hard flooring option might be better – from vinyl and wood to laminate – these are hardwearing and easy to clean. You can always opt to add a rug for a little softness and comfort.  

Find Clever Storage Options

From crafting equipment and clothes to toys and books, it’s no secret that kids have an abundance of belongings that need to be stored away and kept tidy. When it comes to storage, it’s best to think about multifunctional pieces of furniture. Clever shelving, tables with fitted drawers, wardrobes with additional drawers, and storage benches that double up as seating are excellent options.

Make It Relaxing

Children lead busy lives nowadays with school, extra-curricular activities, sports clubs, music lessons, and hobbies, so it’s important to make your kid’s new bedroom as relaxing as possible for them. Decorate their room with soft furnishings such as cushions and blankets that will be comfortable for your kids to read on. Bean bags, soft rugs, and comfortable bedding will add to the cosy feel as they are soothing and will encourage your children to relax after a busy day at school. If you want to add more personal touches that will really help your children relax into their space, think about adding some family photographs on the walls or pictures of them with their friends, maybe from their latest birthday party or playdate.

If you’re thinking about giving your children’s bedrooms a revamp, these four simple yet practical tips should help you give you some inspiration. Most important, though, is that you consult your child on every step to make sure they are happy with the choices being made. After all, they will have to live with the final result.

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