A Guide to Cleaning Your Home When You Have Kids

When you have children, it can feel as though your home is perpetually messy. No matter what you do, there will always be a mess to clean up somewhere that you missed or appeared when you turned away for more than a second. Being a parent is tiring and keeping up with the mess that’s created only adds to the exhaustion. Most of the time, it can feel like it’s all for nothing. It’s difficult for your children to express their appreciation for all that you do, especially when they’re young, but it’s no question that they are thankful that you keep where they live as clean as possible, even if they do like to mess it up a little.

To help keep your home clean for longer, and keep your sanity, try out these tips!

1.   Encourage the Kids to Help

Depending on the age of your children, they can help you out with some household chores to lessen the load on you. Draw up a list of chores that they could do, such as cleaning up their toys, clearing the table after dinner, or putting their dirty clothes in the laundry basket. For each chore that they complete, you can offer them a reward for their efforts. This will help them to learn that they are responsible for the running of the household too, since they live in it, and these small tasks will be ones you can cross off your list easily!

2.   Have a Structure

Sometimes, a simple request like ‘Put your toys away’ can be difficult for a child to comprehend, if they don’t know exactly where they are supposed to put the toys away. To help them out, label toy boxes and initially show them where all the toys go. Having a structure can also help you with bigger tasks as well. Cleaning the house involves many, many tasks that can become overwhelming if you don’t approach it right. Write up a schedule for when you need to do each task, such as cleaning the bathroom on Saturday mornings or vacuuming on Sunday evenings.

3.   Take Advantage of Free Time

If the kids have gone out for the day with a friend, this is your chance to get some real work done in your home. If your carpet needs a freshen up, have carpet cleaners Battersea professionally clean the carpet when there are no children around. A deeper clean when you have the opportunity will help your home stay cleaner for longer.

4.   Make Cleaning Fun

No one likes to do chores, especially not children, but if you make it into a fun afternoon for you all, it can feel like less of an obligation and more like precious time spent together. Make a game out of vacuuming. See who can clear the most clutter the fastest. Stick the radio on. There are plenty of ways you can turn a boring task into a fun time spent together.

It’s important to remember that kids will always be kids, in that they will always make a mess. Try not to worry so much about the state of your home and focus on the time you spend together.

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