A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Gift

Giving gifts is a fun and exciting thing to do. Not just for the receiver but for the gift giver too. Finding the right gift, however, can sometimes be a challenge. Of course, you can ask the person you’re surprising what they want but where’s the fun in that? As well as spoiling any kind of surprise, it also makes the gift rather impersonal. So what makes a great gift and is there a way you can increase your chances of success? The following guide will provide you with some must-know tips for selecting the perfect gift for someone special.


Make the Gift an Event

Take the gift-giving experience to a new level by making the gift an event. It’s all too easy to simply hand over the item in regular wrapping paper or even just the bag it came in, but that’s not very imaginative. If you turn the handing over of the present into a special event, it helps increase the enjoyment. Hide the gift and send the recipient on a scavenger hunt to find it or disguise it in something else. Put the Rolex you’ve bought inside a box, wrap it up and then put it inside another box. You can repeat this as many times as you want because you should never underestimate how much fun unwrapping presents can be!


Think About What They’re Interested In

What is it about your partner, family member or friend that makes them unique? What defines them? Spend some time creating a list of these things, as well as things they might be interested in. Alongside each of these, think of a gift that goes with it. Obviously, you’re not going to give the recipient all these gifts at once, but you might come up with some great ideas, and you could even combine a few. The special someone in your life is certainly going to appreciate the thought you’ve put into choosing their gift.


Is There Anything They Need?

It goes without saying, but the trick is to look at it from a wider angle. Is your partner always busy, and would really appreciate more time? You can’t turn back the clock or gift them a time machine, but you could look for gifts that will help change their life and make them more efficient. Is your partner about to start their own business? Look for gifts that will make the process much more manageable.


Be a Gift Detective

If you’re still stumped for ideas, you could turn into a bit of a detective. Has your special someone got a wish list with an online store, for example? Have you looked at their Facebook profile lately for some clues? Pay a little more attention to what’s being said, and you might pick up some useful information.

There are so many great gifts to choose from that it’s bound to be confusing. The real trick is not to leave things until the last minute, give yourself plenty of time, and throughout the year, if you come across something you know the recipient will like, buy it and put it to one side for a special occasion.



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