A Guide for Creating a Tranquil Garden

When it comes to your garden, it can be anything you want it to be. However, if you’re looking for your outside space to be the ultimate choice for relaxation and tranquillity, then there a few ways you can work to achieve that.

Make Privacy a Priority

Your outside space isn’t going to be relaxing if you’re worried about a passerby staring in, or having to make small talk with your neighbours all the time. Privacy is key to your own, tranquil space.

If you don’t already have borders in place, you should think about installing either fencing or tall hedging around the border of your garden to ensure maximum privacy. Be sure to choose wisely, as hedging or shrubbery will mean extra greenery to always keep on top of and trim back, so fencing may be the easier-to-maintain option.

Install a Water Feature

Water is synonymous with tranquillity. You can feel instantly relaxed, listening to the calm sounds of trickling and rushing water, which is why a water feature is a great choice for your relaxing retreat. It doesn’t have to be something large or ostentatious; even just the distant sound of a small water feature can be very helpful in making you relax.

Or, you can install a small pond.

Eliminate Anything Negative

You don’t want anything in your garden that creates bad vibes. This could be something trivial, or it might be something more destructive, such as slugs on your favourite plants or a devasting weed problem. Be sure to tackle any issues which could — or already have — become a problem, in order to keep the peace in your most tranquil space.

You can find professional help for invasive weed problems and Japanese Knotweed control if the problem is simply too extensive for you to handle, and you can find advice on protecting your plants and flowers from a slimy attack.

Seating is Everything

If you don’t have somewhere comfortable to put your feet up, then your garden isn’t going to be serving its complete purpose. Having a proper seating area with comfortable furniture means that you always have the perfect spot to retreat to, whether it’s a large lounger, a garden sofa, or just your favourite comfortable chair.

Think About a Decking Area

Having a small area of decking instead of just lawn, stone, or gravel can set up the perfect spot for other relaxing activities. A decking area — especially if under a cover — can provide a solid place to try things like outside yoga, meditation, or just sitting to read a book. This can be a lot harder to achieve on your lawn if you’re worried about grass stains, making indents in your lawn or if it’s a little wet and muddy after it has rained.

Plant the Right Items

Plants, herbs, and flowers will help to make your garden a more tranquil haven. Choosing flowers which have more soothing colours, such as blues, can help you to feel more relaxed. Certain herbs, such as lavender, are great for positivity and relaxation. Certain plants that grow tall and have large leaves may help you to relax with their gentle rustling sounds.

Have fun, and get relaxing!


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