A Farewell to Summer: Dresses To Celebrate the Season’s End

With the autumn days just around the corner, the weather will soon begin to get cooler, the days a little bit shorter, and the sun might not be out for as long as it used to be.

But that’s not to say that we can’t enjoy the last few weeks of the warmer weather to its fullest. Here are some of the dresses that have been summer-long staples for us and that we’ll still get the most wear out of for the following weeks before we really say goodbye to summer.


There couldn’t be a more aptly named dress for the summer out there, and sundresses really do live up to their name. 

There really might not be another style of womens dresses out there that is as comfortable or as stylish as a sundress, and this has perhaps been the style that has been worn the most during the especially hot summer months, which is why they’re also perfect between the summer and autumn transition.

The reason that sundresses are so comfortable has a lot to do with the sort of fabrics that they are made from. Most sundresses come in rayon, cotton or linen, which are incredibly breathable and easy to sit on the skin even all day long without it getting itchy or feeling heavy.

Another reason sundresses are so trendy, summer after summer, is how easy they are to accessorise. Hot summer days always call for comfort over extravagantly thought-out outfits, so pairing a sundress with a big floppy hat and a pair of brown wedges has never been easier.

Sundresses also make it look like you’ve put more effort into your outfit than you actually have. This can save you time in the morning when getting ready, allowing you to spend more time lounging by the beach.

Maxi Dresses

Another summer favourite that we can’t ever see going out of style is maxi dresses, which you will definitely see more of towards the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, thanks to how easy it is to layer them. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie have been seen wearing the maxi dress — and it’s not hard to guess why.

The flow of the dress will keep you plenty cool during the day, but the coverage that a maxi dress provides means that when we start to get more of the cooler evenings, you won’t be absolutely freezing either.

Its versatility means the style of the dress can vary, even featuring cut-outs on the sides of the dress. Accessorising a maxi dress is also fun, with so many different options to choose from depending on your preference, event or even what time of day you’re out and about. Angelina Jolie, for instance, paired her classic black maxi dress with a trench coat – a perfect ensemble when heading towards the cooler months.

For a more casual look, you could throw on a denim jacket (or a cardigan on cooler days). Alternatively, you could dress it up with statement jewellery pieces to upgrade your look.

Wrap Dresses

Sometimes considered a ‘dressier’ version of the classic maxi dress, wrap dresses are another essential in our summer wardrobes, thanks to Diane von Fürtenberg.

The variations of its designs include sleeveless, short-sleeved and even long-sleeved kinds. You’re bound to find a dress suited to your preferences. Even the length of the dress comes in plenty of options to fit your preferences.

Another reason why wrap dresses are so convenient and popular is because of how flattering they are on all body types. We’ve never seen anyone look bad in a wrap dress (and aren’t likely to).

For more chic evenings, you could opt for a silky satin wrap dress accessorised with some strappy heels, which pair beautifully. The heels are perfect for an evening occasion, while the dress remains lightweight and breathable so that you stay nice and cool.

Ready To Say Goodbye?

As we begin to prepare ourselves for the cosier months of autumn and winter, it might be hard to part with our summer wardrobe and finding clothes that work well within the transition period can be a challenge.

Some outfits are too heavy and end up making you feel overly warm and uncomfortable, while others are not suitable for the cooler evenings that we’ll find more and more of in the upcoming days.

But as we’ve shown you, the three dress styles above are more than suitable to wear during the in-between period, favouring both comfort and style. So don’t put your summer dresses away just yet — they’ll come in handy even for the cooler months with some layers on top.

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