A Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning and Repurposing Your Garage

During summer and early autumn, it can be so tempting to abandon monotonous household tasks in favour of spending the day outdoors in the warmth and sunshine (when England experiences such weather).

One job, however, that you and the rest of your family will feel relieved to have completed is that of tidying out your garage space, and you will benefit from the extra storage space too. With that in mind, continue reading for a comprehensive guide to cleaning and repurposing your garage.

Be Ruthless

Sentimental items are rarely stored in the garage due to the risk of deterioration over time, so it stands to reason those boxes full of old folders, paperwork, rusting garden tools, and spare bits of carpet can go straight to the tip.

Anything you have not used for the last couple of years should either be thrown away or else donated to charity and it is important to be as ruthless and objective as possible when going through every box.

Check for Pests

Regardless of the size of your garage space, all sorts of creatures and critters are likely to have made a home in your boxes and corners of the garage.

It is strongly advisable, therefore, to contact an established pest control service, such as Shield Pest Control, who will be able to establish whether or not you do have an infestation and be able to entirely rid you of the problem if you do.

Believe it or not, there is a wide variety of types of common pests which may well have found their way into your garage, ranging from rodents such as rats and mice, spiders, and ants, to more dangerous infestations such as wasps, bees, and unbelievably, even cockroaches.

Focus on the Result

If you have understandably just thrown spare belongings which you want to keep but not inside your home into the garage over the years, it may well be the case that you are facing a seemingly insurmountable task.

However, as a form of motivation, think about what you can do with the space once it is cleaned and cleared instead. Here are some fantastic ideas to best utilise your garage space to its full potential:

  • A hobby or craft workshop
  • A games & gaming room
  • A reading snug
  • A home gym
  • A home cinema
  • A children’s play room
  • A display room for collections
  • A photographic dark room

Remove Hazards & Repair Cracks

Another important component of transforming your garage is, once you have emptied everything out of the space that is possible to move, going around the edges, as well as looking at the ceilings and floor, for any cracks or potential hazards.

Your garage, whether it is physically attached to your property or not, experiences the harshest weather conditions and as, during winter, it is hardly ever even used, a full walk around and repair is essential. This way, you can make any necessary repairs before they become a major issue in the future.

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