How to update your kitchen on a budget

When you have a busy family home, money can be tight. There are many money saving ideas for even the biggest of jobs that can mean you have more money to spend with your family. If your kitchen is looking a little lack lustre, don’t think that you just have to live with it. There are many ways in which you can update your kitchen, giving it a completely new feel, without having to spend a lot of money.


blog5Update your tiles

You will be amazed at what effect out dated tiles can have to your whole kitchen. They can make it look dull and drab, and updating them will give your kitchen a completely new appearance. To do this on a budget, pick an inexpensive versatile material, such as porcelain and ceramic tiles. They are perfect for use in kitchens, and come in a huge array of colours and styles, so you can achieve the look of a more expensive material without breaking the bank. Not only that, but porcelain is incredibly easy to maintain, and take little looking after, which is ideal for those with young families. Depending on your budget, will depend on how much you retile, but should you choose your floor, walls, or even just your splashback, it will instantly make a massive difference. For an inexpensive, yet modern feel, make your splashback a feature, and pick a contrasting and bright colour.


blog4Paint your cupboards

Ripping out all of your cupboards can be expensive, and if your cupboards themselves are in sound condition, there is simply no need to. However, just because they still function as a cupboard, might not mean that they look good! A quick and simple way of updating your existing cupboards is with a couple of coats of paint. Spend a little bit of time prepping them, before carefully painting them, and they should last for a long time. Don’t forget about the handles of your drawers and cupboards as well. Find some on trend handles and pulls that will go well with the new colour of your cupboards, and the whole room will instantly feel updated. It is an easy and inexpensive way to update your kitchen, as well as a creative way to get your children involved as they can help you choose the colour and the handles, and if they are old enough can get involved with the painting of them.


blog3If it is not broken, do not replace it

It can be very tempting to go around buying new appliances, as you believe that this will help you to update your kitchen, when in actual fact, you could just end up wasting your money. If it still works perfectly fine, why bother spending more money on buying another appliance that is going to do exactly the same? If it is looking a bit old and tired, spend some time giving it a really good spring clean, and invest in some appliance paint, which can be used on fridges and freezers. Although this is slightly pricier than standard emulsion, it is considerably cheaper than buying a completely new fridge/freezer, and is a really effective way of updating them without replacing them.


blog2Replace your kitchen counters

Many people are unaware that replacing your kitchen counters does not have to be as expensive as your first think that it would. Obviously, depending on the material that you choose will reflect in the overall cost, as some, such as granite and marble will obviously be more expensive than some of the cheaper manufactured materials. However; if you have your heart set on a particular material, look for cheaper lookalike options. Laminate options are incredibly popular now, as they have drastically improved in recent years, and are actually a really effective way of achieving an expensive look without the price tag.


blog1Create a feature wall

If it is your wall that have seen better days, a simple lick of paint could be all that they need. To instantly update your walls, introduce a feature wall, and leave the rest plain. Not only will this save you money, as you do not have to buy lots of different paints, it is a brilliant of way of keeping your kitchen modern and bringing it up to date. Feature walls are excellent as well if you have a smaller kitchen, as keeping the rest of the walls light will reflect the light, making it appear bigger, but the splash of colour, or a contrasting pattern on just one wall will immediately draw your eyes to that area, without making it appear cramped and small.

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