8 Tips For Dressing Your Kids For The Outdoors

Taking your kids outdoors has to be one of the most exciting yet tiring activities you could ever do. Apart from letting them explore the world, you also need to be careful to uphold weir safety. While more for their appearance, dressing your child in the right clothing can be beneficial as they head outdoors. 

Properly handpicking your kid’s outdoor clothing guarantees their comfort and safety. To ensure that they look more than adorable, listed below are some tips for dressing your children for the outdoors:

  1. Prioritize Comfortable Footwear

Children love to roam around whenever you take them. To help your kiddos roam around their new surroundings comfortably and safely, you should let them wear comfortable footwear. 

You can look for comfortable sneakers with socks on or high-quality flip-flops made of rubber, perfect for the summer weather, from Havaianas stockists online or near you. 

When you go shoe shopping, try to bring your kids with you and ask them how the shoe feels on their feet. An initial fit will not guarantee an overall comfortable feeling but should be a good start. 

  1. Avoid Anything That Goes Over Their Neck

Kids wearing a turtle neck, scarf, or necklace might look adorable, but they’re totally unnecessary, especially if it’s not cold outdoors. Adding too much over their neck might cause irritation or choking. Ideally, you should make a clear way for their necks by switching to regular t-shirts. 

For the wintertime, you can make them wear a turtle neck sweater, which allows them to pull it down with ease in case they feel uncomfortable. 

  1. Ensure The Perfect Fit For Every Clothing

Younglings can get uncomfortable when they’re wearing something too loose or too tight for their bodies. Tight clothing might affect their breathing and can cause clothing marks on their skin. Loose-fitting is great for their growth. However, it might make them uncomfortable, especially if their clothes continue falling off their bodies. 

Ideally, you should shop for clothing according to your child’s age If you’d like to consider their growth rate, go with slightly loose clothing but still comfortable to wear.

  1. Choose Kids-Safe Fabric

If your kids have sensitive skin, you must be careful with the fabric that touches their bodies. The safest material for your clothing is 100% organic cotton, which is naturally hypoallergenic. They’re great during a dry summer day as they’re breathable as well.

Nonetheless, you should switch to wool during winter to keep your children warm and safe all the time. While they might be a bit more expensive, wool clothing can guarantee a clean and safe material for your kids. 

  1. Dress Your Kids In Layers

During the winter season, it’s highly advisable to dress your kids in layers. This way, when they get a bit hot, you can quickly remove one layer and allow them to enjoy a cooler sensation on their body. 

The base layer should be able to wick sweat perfectly to keep your children dry and comfortable. Your middle layer should be a jacket that your children can easily remove when it gets warm. For the outer layer, you should use a shell that can help to protect your kids from wind and water. This can keep your children very warm and protect them from other extreme weather conditions. 

  1. Shop For Durable Designs

The last thing you’d want to happen is when you’re outdoors and your children damage their clothes while playing. Apart from having an inconvenient wardrobe malfunction, it might also risk your child from accidents in case they slip or fall.

Before you purchase any clothing, see if the fabric is high-quality and check how they’re sewn together. You can immediately tell if the piece has been poorly sewn or if they’re professionally made with a simple inspection.  

  1. Test For Wearability

Children shouldn’t have to worry about how they can wear and take off their clothes for the day. Your child may still be unable to fully grasp the idea of fitting into their clothing so tightly that it makes them uncomfortable. Moreover, in case of a sudden change of clothing, the last thing you’d want to happen is to spend minutes trying to take them off your kid. 

Children’s clothing should be easy to wear. You can check for the clothing’s stretchability, usually on the head and armholes. Some might include a zipper, pin, or button enclosure that allows for a quicker dressing up and down day. 

  1. Consider Having Reflective Accents

To keep track of your children during outdoor trips to the woods and the like, you should consider having them wear clothing with reflective accents. This way, you can easily see them, even at night time, and allow for safe outdoor adventures


Dressing your kids outdoors isn’t an easy task. This isn’t just about putting on a pair of pants and a T-shirt and expecting them to be ready to go. As they explore the outdoors, you need to keep your younglings as comfortable as possible. While searching for the most comfortable clothing and footwear might be challenging, seeing your child happy and comfortable in their clothing would be worth it.

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