7 Ways You Can Make Christmas Special for Your Kids

Christmas is a memorable day for children that’ll last with them into their adult years. Making this day special takes creativity and resourcefulness. The more unconventional the activities are, the more special the day may be for your children. This is because they’ll have many stories to tell their peers when they go back to school, making them feel special.

Here are seven ways you can make Christmas special for your kids.

  1. Write A Letter

You can take a spin on writing a letter by crafting a letter from Santa clause. These letters are personalized and will mean the world to a child because of the friendship that’s formed with Santa.

In the letter, you can include the positive attributes about your child and why they’re loved by the entire family. Also, the option for your child to respond to the letter and get a reply will give them more to look forward to.

  1. Gift Hunt

Instead of placing your kids’ gifts under the Christmas tree, you can hide these in different parts of your house and yard. Under the tree, you can leave clues for each child that vaguely describes what the gift is.

For example, if you buy a bicycle, the clue can be ‘I have a bell on me.’ Your kids get to explore their imagination and have fun navigating the different parts of the house in search of the gifts.

  1. Christmas Bake Party

Children enjoy admiring the results of the work that they put into a project. You can create a baking party where each kid decides the kind of Christmas cake that they wish to make.

With your guidance, the kids can decorate and personalize their cakes. You can take photos of the cakes and your kid with their baking attires. These will make a wonderful memory when they’re grown up.

  1. Build A Snowman

If you live in areas that snow during Christmas, you can bundle up your kids and go outdoors to make a snowman. You can bring old clothes that the children can use to dress the snowman, such as scarves, mittens, and light jerseys. You can also get creative about the materials they can use to build the features of the snowman, such as the teeth, eyes, and nose.

If you live on arid land, you can create a make-shift snowman with your kids. If you look around your house, you may find materials that can be used to build one, such as a yoga ball, soccer ball, and different toys that your children may have.

Stack up your material against the wall to resemble a snowman and make this a part of your Christmas decorations.

  1. Christmas Tent

You can make a Christmas tent with your kids in their room or lounge area. A make-shift tent can include sheets, mattresses, string, and any item that’ll hold the sheets in place to form the shape of a tent. You can fill the tent with treats and games that they can play.

In the evening, you can light up fairy lights around the tent. This will add the appeal of the tent. Make sure that the type of tent you make is kid-friendly and doesn’t have any dangers, such as planks toppling over.

  1. Dress-up Game

Your kids can dress up as their favourite cartoon characters for the day. For example, celebrating Christmas as Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol can be a highlight for your kid.

When your kid is dressed as a character, they may feel as if a friendship has been formed with them. You can add more fun by letting them enjoy a few episodes of the characters that they’re dressed as.

  1. Connect

For those with adult children who have started their paths in life, connecting with them is a way that can make their day special. Mindful conversations and authentic interest in their lives are sometimes craved from your adult kids, especially when they’re navigating life’s demanding paths.

One-on-one uninterrupted conversation may reveal many thoughts and appreciation from kids. Everyday life can be demanding and may leave one the lack of time required to connect beyond the surface. Christmas is a perfect day to set aside daily priorities and connect with the kids.


Making Christmas special for your kids doesn’t require one to break the bank. It simply requires time, effort, and creativity. For instance, you can write a Santa letter, create a gift hunt, bake, build a snowman, set up a Christmas tent, build a snowman, and connect with your adult kids.

Enjoy this day by spending quality time with your kids as this is these are the memories they’ll forever cherish.


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