7 Ways to Increase Light in Your Home

When it comes to your home, there is nothing more unpleasant than living in dark conditions. On grey or rainy days, especially, rooms without adequate sunlight can feel cold and depressing. Therefore, ensuring there is ample brightness and natural light is essential for the overall feel of a space. While there is usually nothing that can be done about the direction the house or apartment is facing, there are many techniques you can employ to increase both the brightness and the amount of natural light in your home.

Whether you’re making plans for a new build, or you’re looking to renovate and brighten up an older residence, below are some top ways to increase the light in your home.

  1. Use White Interior & Ceiling Paints

It’s no big secret that dark paint can make a room feel smaller, and vice versa. With that in mind, if you need to lighten up your space, try utilising white coloured paints for the ceilings and walls. White reflects light, so its effect on sunny days can be significant in terms of making a room feel brighter. Note that white paint comes in a variety of tones, so you may need to play around with a few samples before making your final choice. It will all come down to how much light you’re looking to add!

  1. Use Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your wall space can significantly brighten up a room. Mirrors reflect and bounce light and can also make the space feel larger than it is. To make the most of this feature, place a mirror directly opposite or next to a window. Depending on the size of your room and the style, you may need to hang more than one mirror to obtain maximum effect.

  1. Add Skylights or Rooflights

Skylights can become beautiful features that add value to a home. Not only do they make a space feel larger, but they provide a picturesque view of the sky, and can also serve as additional ventilation if you opt for ones with windows. Most importantly, skylights can significantly increase light levels in the room. If you’re interested in building fixed roof skylights into the design of your kitchen, living room, or bedroom, companies like EOS Roofing carry a wide range of stock.

  1. Use Highly Reflective Materials or Glass

Another useful trick is to use reflective materials such as glass tiles or glossy paint. In the case of glass tiles, these operate like miniature mirrors which reflect significant amounts of light. They are also aesthetically pleasing and can add a bit of artistic flair to a kitchen or bathroom. Glossy paint, while not as effective as glass tiles, can also be useful for creating a mirror-like effect. You may wish to use both techniques, depending on what light goal you are trying to achieve.

  1. Add Glass Blocks or Windows

If you are in the throes of a renovation or new build, installing glass blocks into a wall can be a highly effective way to increase the light in your home. If you have a room that is not south facing, or will tend towards the shade, glass blocks can filter in some of that natural light while still retaining privacy.

  1. Pay Attention to Art and Decorations

Now that you’ve thought about the walls and the paint, it’s also worth considering the style of decorations and art in the room. Metallics or shimmery accessories, for example, are also great for brightening up a space. Splash out on a few gold or silver hangings or add ornaments that shine and sparkle. They can go a long way to adding luxury and brilliance to your living room.

  1. Improve Your Indoor Lighting

When all else fails, improving your indoor lighting is another way to brighten up a space. It can be easy for indoor lighting to become an oversight. After all, you’ve installed a central lighting fixture so that should be enough, right? Not necessarily!

Attending to the number of lights, their style, brightness, and location can make a massive difference. You’ll need to consider the type of shade you’ve chosen and how well it throws the light. Also, if you have any lamps, do they adequately improve any shadowed areas? Something else to consider is the style and brightness of the bulbs you’re using. Do you need a dimmer? Are they eco-lights which take time to brighten? So much thought can go into your interior lighting. If you have a dark room, make sure you get this right.


Increasing the light in your home isn’t an impossible task. If you follow some of the tips above, you should have a brighter space in no time.


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