7 Marketing Hacks for Your Online Learning Business

There is a high amount of competition in the online learning world, due to the appeal of online learning and a greater number of students looking for alternative learning opportunities away from traditional brick and mortar schools.

The amount of competition means that your marketing methods are going to make a crucial difference for success in selling your online courses.

Here are seven marketing hacks you should know about.

  1. Research the Competition

Competitor research is always crucial in business marketing, and there are a lot of online course sellers out there to compete with, so this step is important. Competitor research should tell you exactly what your competition is doing with their own courses and how they are grabbing the attention of students.

  1. Provide Something with the Competition Doesn’t

In doing your competitor research, you should try to find a gap in the courses offered by your competition. Is there some part of the qualification that they have left out, that you can then fill to provide a more rounded experience? Always try to offer more with your course than other companies.

  1. Always Learn About What Your Students Want

You can design a course which offers all the things you believe are relevant, but it still might not be what your learners are looking for. By conducting surveys and asking for feedback, you can find out in a better way what learners are looking for from an online course experience and tailor for that.

  1. Always Use Video Marketing

With the rise of the online world and the popularity of imaging and video through the internet, as shown through Instagram and YouTube, video has now fast become an expected form of marketing. Many consumers expect to see high-quality videos and imaging on websites and on social media pages as an effective marketing tool and to improve engagement and interest.

That’s why it’s essential to use video marketing for higher education courses; to better display your business brand, the service you’re offering, and to keep students interested.

  1. Concentrate on Keywords

Any prospective student looking to learn is going to search online for keywords and phrases relating to their intended course. Make sure that all your courses and marketing material relates to relevant keywords so that your material is more easily found through good SEO.

  1. Promote Course Content on All Channels

Before deciding to commit to a certain course, students need to know what’s going to be included, and what they can expect from the experience. Using snippets or teasers of course content through your marketing channels, and providing this for free, can gain more interest in your course content.

  1. Make Sure to Encourage and Promote Student Reviews

The only feedback new potential students are going to care about is the feedback from students who have completed the course. This can be one of your biggest marketing tools if you can get a high number of exceptional reviews for your course content.

Encourage reviews by prompting students to give feedback, such as sending them a follow-up email or connecting through social media.

Using these seven marketing hacks, you’re well on your way to a successful online learning business.

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