7 Awesome Reasons to Get a House in Las Vegas


So, are you thinking about moving to Las Vegas, Nevada? If that’s so, well, you sure have some great times ahead, since Las Vegas offers something for pretty much everyone! It’s one of the cities with the fastest-growing rate in America, and there are a lot of reasons for that, and the most important ones are going to be covered in this article, so, let’s get started.


1. Entertainment opportunities 

Well, first things first, we all know what is the biggest reason for the fame that this city has is the endless entertainment that awaits those who seek it. 

It all started as early as in the 1950s, the time when Las Vegas, a city of fewer than 50,000 people at the time, rapidly became the destination to see the top entertainers like Elvis Presley, Liberace, Don Rickles, and similar – and all for as little as $5. 

That being said, even though the times have changed, and the city is way bigger now, the essence remains – there is a show to be seen around every corner. So, whether you are into gambling, music, drag queens, sports, or pretty much whatever comes to mind, you are definitely going to be able to find it!


2. Las Vegas isn’t just a great place to play

Las Vegas is a great place to live as well! Even though Las Vegas has a reputation for being a city of nonstop partying, gambling, and overall entertainment as we have previously stated, there is another side to this city. While, yes, there are a lot of good reasons why Las Vegas is sometimes called Sin City, you would be very surprised about its other sides. 


You probably didn’t know that Vegas offers its share of friendly suburban neighborhoods as well as many hip downtown areas, right along with the historic spots, and all the living spaces that are close enough to the action to be able to get there if you want to, but also far enough for a family to live in peace. So, it’s not a mystery that Las Vegas houses remain on the market an average of just 42 days before selling, as stated by the real estate experts over at LasVegasHomesByLeslie.com, where you can find more useful information regarding housing in Las Vegas. Basically, if you are looking for a compromise between entertainment and peace – you can definitely find it in these neighborhoods.


3. No state income tax

Many people come to Las Vegas in order to win money, but, if you are someone that likes to save your money, then we’re sure that you’ll love moving to Las Vegas. Why might you ask? Well, did you know that Nevada has no state income tax whatsoever? The biggest reason for this perk is the fact that the state of Nevada is pretty much self-sustainable – it earns all the money it needs from tourism, casino resort fees, as well as from its sales tax rate.

This makes Las Vegas a great business opportunity 

If you are an entrepreneur and have a good business idea, considering the fact that Nevada doesn’t have a state income tax, the probability is high that you will never be able to find a better place to put that idea in motion than Las Vegas.


4. The job market is amazing

This one is very much so connected to everything that we have already mentioned in the reasons above. So, we have talked about the entertainment industry that is tied to tourism, so – hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, bars, tourist attractions, and the list goes on and on. On the other hand, we also have a business aspect, with many startup businesses that are thriving these days. 

At this point, you can probably see the picture that we are painting – there truly are so many job opportunities in such a variety of different sectors that you will surely be able to find a job in the branch that interests you the most.


5. Las Vegas weather

Now, everyone has different preferences when it comes to the desired weather conditions, so, that being said – Las Vegas is perfect for some, and for some others, not so much. 

But that being said, if you are looking to live a life in the sun, Las Vegas is for you since it has, on average, 292 sunny days per year! Year-round sunshine makes for happy residents who can flourish in this subtropical desert climate, and truth be told, it can get really hot in the summer. But on the other hand, the other 7 months are highlighted by beautiful weather, with just 12 days of rain per year! Yes, you heard that well, that’s less than 2 weeks.


6. All the outdoor activities

The great weather really impacts the possibilities regarding outdoor activities. The Vegas heat can heavily benefit your health by promoting an active lifestyle, boosting your vitamin D, and improving the function of your mind, heart, as well as lungs.

There are some great places nearby, be it for hiking, camping, or just enjoying the view. For instance, there is the majestic Valley of Fire State Park and the stunning Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. They are just a couple of minutes out of town, and they offer hiking with incredible views. If you like water sports, you can also go to Lake Mead National Recreation Area. 


7. It’s a great place to retire!

The last point is basically the summary of everything that we have discussed beforehand. Retiring in Las Vegas is extremely attractive because, well, firstly – of the low cost of living as well as the ability to lead a healthy and active lifestyle in good weather.

But there is also another aspect of retiring in Las Vegas – the spirit of this city allows you to never really grow old. No matter your age, you will always be accepted in Las Vegas, and you will find a way to have fun! And in the end, If you couple all of that with the low cost of living and lack of a state tax, a person that has a fixed income could very well find happiness in Las Vegas after retirement.

In the end, finding a perfect place to live heavily depends on your personal preferences, and that is something that’s unique and which is up to you to establish and figure out. But, that being said, if you are a person that is looking for fun and great opportunities, we assure you, Las Vegas isn’t going to disappoint you!

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