7 Air Conditioning Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore

If you have ever had serious issues with your air conditioning unit then you know just how much trouble and damage they can cause if left unattended to. Some small issues can be dealt with easily, whereas others can be very costly and ultimately inconvenient for you and your family. This article will seek to outline seven basic air conditioning issues that you should never ignore if you want to keep your air conditioning unit up and running. It will always be easier to keep something in good running condition if you are able to maintain the machine before it gets bad. Small issues have a way of building up to create bigger ones, so be sure to take everything as it starts and you should save money in the long run.

1. Bad smell

The first and most obvious air conditioning issue that you should not ignore is a bad smell. If the air coming out of your AC unit smells bad then chances are it IS bad. Bad smells can come from things like mold, dead animals, or issues with the fan. If you experience a bad smell from your AC unit first you should take a look inside. If there are no obstructions or things that would cause the smell then consider cleaning it. If that does not work then perhaps it is time to buy a new AC unit. 

2. No customer support

If you buy an expensive air conditioner then you can expect to get a good customer service experience if you have difficulties with the product. In some rare cases people have bought air conditioners online and been subject to a scam which led them to buy a stolen or malfunctioning air conditioner. If you want to make sure that you purchase your air conditioner from a reputable source then experts at https://www.billyaircon.com.sg/review/ can help. By providing reliable online reviews, you know that you are getting a product that has already helped out many other people not too different from yourself. There is no reason to take chances when purchasing an air conditioner. Make sure you do the right thing to make sure you have customer service that will last you years. 


3. Concerning noises

If your air conditioner unit has been making noises more so than normal lately then we suggest taking a look at it or hiring a mechanic to look at it in order to find out if there are any problems. Sometimes stuff can get caught in the fan causing a noise due to the obstruction. If you can not figure out what is causing the noise then it may be an underlying issue which might not be repairable.  

4. Trouble regulating temperature

The one thing that your air conditioning unit should be able to do is regulate temperature, since that is the whole purpose of getting one in the first place. If your AC unit is not doing this then it is an issue which simply can not be ignored. In some cases there may be a way to repair the unit in order to get it into working condition again. Otherwise, you may need to consider some different options or replace it. 

5. Bad insulation

Sometimes when an air conditioner unit gets old then the insulation piece along the outside becomes worn and does not work as it is supposed to. This can result in hot air leaking into your home, undoing the hard work of your AC unit and wasting energy. This can not only make your AC unit work harder, it also makes your wallet work harder when the electricity bill comes around. 

6. Intermittent issues

Sometimes AC units will experience intermittent periods where they work or do not work. This can sometimes be fixed with something as simple as a new filter. In other cases the machine may be defunct or require expensive repairs. 

7. Safety first

If you see an issue with your AC unit that seems unsafe then it should not be ignored. This means that if you see something serious such as smoke or fire, then you should act accordingly. Always put your safety first and call the appropriate people to respond. 


Hopefully this article has been helpful and informative regarding the seven different air conditioning issues that you should never ignore. By keeping a close eye on how your AC unit is operating you should be able to identify any of the aforementioned issues and fix them before they get too serious. There is no need to buy a new AC unit every time an issue arises. Contact a mechanic or customer service representative in order to get some help fixing your unit without paying for a whole new one.

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