6 Updates Your Home Deserves

When considering home improvements, personal taste naturally plays a huge factor, along with practical improvements which can make your home more family-friendly and perfect for the kids. Nevertheless, there are certain improvements for your home which will stand the test of time and ensure your property is as beneficial as it can be – as well as adding some all-important value should you ever choose to sell.

  1. Double Glazing

If your home isn’t already fitted with double glazing, it should be! It can seem a very expensive investment, but if you have the means to save up for it, then it’s one that you definitely won’t regret. Not only does double glazing ensure a warmer and cosier home for you and your family, but it means a lower cost of energy and heating bills and a significant increase in value – meaning you’ll earn your investment back in the long run! A Coventry doors and windows supplier also means you can choose your favourite design for your updated windows to ensure they match your home’s scheme.

  1. A Bathroom Upgrade

Whether it’s fitting an extra bathroom or updating your existing one, this is one change you won’t regret. You can switch your existing bathroom for a more family functional one, ensuring space and practicality for a growing family – or, you can create your own personal bathroom haven complete with large bathtub and candles, if you’re looking for a separate getaway for some well-earned me-time.

An updated bathroom fitted with eco-friendly features also means a bonus for the environment, your energy bills and your house price should you come to sell in the future.

  1. A Renovated Fireplace

Fireplaces are the perfect focal points for any room – if you don’t already have one, you should consider having one fitted to make a cosier, family living space. Or, perhaps you already have one which is outdated or in need of some love – if that’s the case, this should be your next upgrade focus in time for winter!

  1. A Central Heating Upgrade

If you can’t remember the last time you had a new boiler fitted, it may be time for an upgrade. Having a modern and functional heating system means your home stays warmer for longer, and you can limit your heating bills with a more substantial system.

  1. A Garden Tidy-Up

It’s a simple upgrade which requires more elbow grease than it does hard cash, which means there’s no excuse! A transformed garden means a welcoming place for you and the family to spend time, and also encourages extra activities like gardening and vegetable or herb growing.

  1. Open-Plan Living

Perfect for growing families, open-plan living creates a more sociable space which is easier to manage. If you don’t already have an open-plan layout, attaining one doesn’t have to mean knocking down walls. It could simply mean a re-think of how you use certain rooms, and try and move your main living space closer to the kitchen if possible.

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