6 Reasons Why You Need a Water Softener

You may have been debating getting a water softener in your home for some time but were not quite sure if you should pull the trigger and get one. This is understandable, mostly because many people are not educated enough on water softeners. You hear about it from a friend, family member, or a coworker about how they use one but you do not know if it is worth it or what it does.

Water softeners offer some good advantages and there are plenty of reasons why getting one is a smart choice. Here are 6 reasons that may help you make that decision.

1. Better Shower Water

One of the most notable improvements to your home with a water softener is that your shower quality will improve immensely. No more hard water that makes your hair feel caked from calcium. This improvement might seem minimal but it can make the health of your hair feel so much better which is a big concern from hard water. It is also easier to clean yourself in a general sense in the shower or tub with softer water. Less soap residue on the body that makes you feel unclean means less water used to get a true clean feeling.

2. It Saves You Money

Filtration systems were expensive before, in some cases they still can be, but water softeners are becoming a more versatile option when it comes to cost-efficient choices. You can purchase a water softener or reverse osmosis system, or you can go through affordable pricing options that let you rent the system or go by a contract if the upfront cost is too high for you. This makes life much easier for people who want the benefits of soft water on a manageable budget.

3. Better Drinking Water

Drinking tap water can leave an interesting taste in your mouth. With traditional hard water, the increase of chemicals, calcium, and any number of additives to purify it from water treatment plants is not a healthy option. Using a water softener reduces these additives and makes the water much more acceptable for drinking purposes and should be good news for anyone that is tired of their tap water having a funky taste.

4. Helps With Water Pressure

Softer water helps travel through the pipes of the home much easier than hard water. This means that water pressure issues are reduced when you use soft water. Water pressure issues can cause sputtering taps, poor flow from toilet flushes, a reduced capacity with water hoses, and a number of issues when it comes to the general flow of water. Reducing water pressure build-up is going to save you money on your water bill too as the house does not need to labor to push water around.

5. Extends Lifespan of Appliances

Due to the fact that soft water has fewer minerals that build up, it can extend the life of many appliances in your home. Dishwashers and washing machine pipes can become susceptible to scale, which rusts out and damages pipes and negatively affects those water-using appliances. In the long run, this may even save you some money as you will not need maintenance on these appliances and reduce the number of repairs needed on the plumbing of your home.

6. Better Cleaning for Dishes and Clothes

Using soft water to clean is a noticeable improvement over hard water. Water softeners help reduce the build-up of minerals in your water which can negatively impact your pipes and appliances, but it can also be a hassle when trying to clean your dishes, clothing, sinks, and bathtubs. The scale that builds up also leaves soap scum, residue, and makes cleaning into a much harder chore because of the streaks left behind. Instead of spending extra time trying to clean off the leftover guck that hard water leaves on your dishes, a water softener removes the need to do that. Likewise, a better and cleaner clothing wash will have your clothes lasting longer than they normally would from your current water situation.

Whether you are sitting on the fence or about to commit to buying a water softener, or even if you have no idea what a water softener does, there are some seriously useful advantages to owning one. As you can see from the 6 reasons listed here, they can provide some much-needed relief from the water your home currently uses. In some ways, it helps with noticeable improvements, like while cleaning, and in some less obvious ways, like the condition of your pipes. With this knowledge, you can see how a water softener may be exactly what your home needs.


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