6 no junk Halloween tips


Halloween can be fun and #no junk.  Of course your little goblins will go wild on October 31, that’s what Halloween is all about! Here are Organix tips for treats that can help them stay energized and healthy.

  1. Fuel up

Before going out to trick or treat make sure little ones have had tea or at least some fruit and yogurt to curb their appetite for the rest of evening and help avoid any battles over the treats!

  1. Check the treats

At this time of year lots of American treats appear on shelves, these aren’t subject to our strict European legislation on foods for children so make sure you check the labels for unwanted artificial and unnecessary ingredients.

  1. Spread the load

On the night let them choose a few sweet treats, then put the rest away, often little ones will forget they have them. If not, hand them out over a period of time and always with a healthy snack or meal.

  1. Non-food treats

Trick or treaters will love these just as much – look out for spooky accessories like glow in the dark stickers or ghoulish pencils they can have fun with.

  1. Get active

Plan fun activities that don’t revolve around junk and get little ones moving, like apple bobbing, a pumpkin hunt or musical pumpkins, and no one ever tires of a classic hide and seek from the boogie man!

  1. Creative food swaps

Instead of sweets make a trail mix with Goodies puffcorn, your choice of seeds and dried fruit, or some scary monster teeth from apple slices.


For lots of spooky Halloween snack ideas head over to organix.com

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