6 Ideas to Design The Home Of Your Dreams

We cannot deny that once we get the chance to move into a new place, we become so eager to design it how we have wanted since we were young. Our visions may change every now and then but the basics always stay the same. The biggest issue you will probably face is not knowing where to start. To help you design your dream house here are 6 fabulous ideas you should consider.

The Fireplace

You don’t need to have a rustic or vintage house to get a cozy fireplace; it is a nice addition to have in your living room, no matter what style you have in mind. You can read a book, have a cup of tea in winter, or knit a sweater like your grandmother used to make on a rocking chair by the warmth of the fire. 

Furthermore, you can add seatings made of stone around it if it is an outdoor fireplace to cozy gatherings and parties. The fireplace itself should be made of bricks to withstand the heat and effectively regulate the temperature in the room. You can either have an electrically-powered one or one with the old-fashioned logs that give off a relaxing, rustic vibe. 

Contemporary Furniture

Artistic minds will definitely like what the contemporary style has to offer. Bold colors and simplicity are the basics of this style, which means your rugs should have abstract patterns or geometric shapes, and the sofas’ outline has to be composed of clean, sharp lines. That way, your guests will know that you have a sophisticated and modern taste. Moreover, these ideas for accent chairs will complement the rest of the room’s design and give a comfortable ambiance to the space. They also fit with modern or vintage styles because they usually come in neutral colors that are easy on the eyes.

Backyard Treehouse

If given the choice between having a house in the city or a treehouse, the dreamy, rushed answer will be the latter. But why have one when you can have both. You can satisfy the lifelong fantasy and build a treehouse in your backyard. You can even do it yourself and admire your accomplishment after it’s fully built.

First of all, pick a tree that is well-rooted and can withstand the heaviness of the structure you’re building. Then, pick the right materials, tools, and paint necessary for the design you want. You can invite your friends and ask them to help, and make it a  fun, little group project. On a side note, your kids will love it and adore you for it. 

A Library

We are not going to get into how amazing reading is because, well, it is. But, we will give you a different bookshelf design instead of the regular ones. A library shaped like a tree surrounded by Christmas lights will make your eyes glow with happiness every time you look at it. 

Do you have an old wooden ladder? Well, its time has come to contribute to the new place. You can refine it and paint it however you like, and turn it into a bookshelf that fits dozens of books.

Dressing Room

Every influencer and model out there has a large walk-in closet that we secretly want to own. Fortunately, it’s easier than you think because you can turn any spare room into a huge closet to fit all your clothes, accessories, and make-up. The room should have mirrors with proper lighting and enough storage space.

Smart Stairs

You don’t have to own a big house to have enough room for all your stuff. You can be smart and use up everything you have to create more space. The stairs take up a large space but who said it has to go to waste!

A Reading Nook

Under the stairs, you can have a built-in coach with a little light bulb above it and, if possible, a window overlooking the garden. It can be your hiding place from the world where you can go to recharge after a long stressful day.

Dog House

Dogs are meant to live inside the house with you, not on a leash in the garden. They can have their little house inside yours below the stairs with all their toys.

Shoe Cabinet

The steps of the stairs can be turned into drawers where all your shoes are kept safe from any dust. This is a great way to store your boots and protect them from humidity.

You don’t need to be an interior designer or hire one for thousands of dollars to have the house of your dreams. Your own designs and ideas can give you the comfortable place you want to spend the rest of your life in. At the end of the day, the uniqueness of every home is what makes it stand out.


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