6 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Love it or hate it, Christmas is around the corner and that only means one thing: it’s time to go shopping.

Whether it be for a member of your family, or a Secret Santa being held at work, whoever you need to buy gifts for this year, it can be difficult knowing what they may or may not like. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

From classic Christmas presents to some more modern ideas, listed below are six great gifts you should think about buying for the men in your life this year.

  1. A Watch.

We start with a classic – you can never go wrong with a watch.

Whatever your budget may be, there will be a fantastic watch available out there to suit. Whether you choose a stunning steel watch, a luscious leather equivalent or – if you’re feeling extra generous – a sophisticated smartwatch, watches are a stylish gift to give any man.

Plus, they’ll have no excuse for being late to anything ever again, so what’s not to like?


The Ego Mazzucato Men’s Watch is a fully customisable Stainless Steel watch that can offer nine different looks. Prices start from just £239.

Source: Watches and Crystals

  1. Pizza Oven.

OK, so you might not use this gift idea very much over the festive period itself, but hear me out.

Outdoor pizza ovens come in all shapes and sizes, and can be a fantastic thing to have available at parties and family get togethers. Not only will they be a talking point and avoid arguments over who mans the BBQ, they will also provide fantastic tasting stone baked pizza which you can customise with all your favourite ingredients.

They do say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach after all, so why not put this to the test?


The Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven at £244 is incredibly elegant and can actually be used to cook meat, fish and vegetables, as well as pizzas. If you’d prefer a cheaper alternative though, the Ooni 3 is a great shout at £199.

Source: Amazon

  1. Musical Instrument.

If the person you are buying a present for is particularly musical, or has talked about learning an instrument, why not help them out?

Learning an instrument is not only good for a person’s brain development but it could also set them on a path to stardom. Whether it be a guitar, piano, saxophone, violin, tuba, glockenspiel, drum kit, whatever – if they love music, they’ll love learning an instrument as well.

Even if they don’t play it, at least it’ll make a lovely ornament in their home.


Guitar? This Yamaha FG830 is good. Piano? Try this Yamaha YPT-260. Drum kit? This Mapex Tornado 5 Piece and, for the sake of the neighbours, these silencer pads. Another type of instrument? Take a look at this website for ideas.

Source: Gear 4 Music

  1. Theatre Tickets.

Giving presents doesn’t have to only take place on Christmas day itself. Buying tickets to see a comedian, musical, play or show can keep the spirit of Christmas alive even after the day has come to an end.

It’ll also give the receiver something to look forward to in the coming year, and will demonstrate that you know the interests of your friend, family or loved one like the back of your hand.

Plus, there’s every chance that if you buy them two tickets, they’ll give one to you, so you could even end up with a cheeky present for yourself.


Tickets to a Westend show in London are always a great idea, so have a browse through potential shows here. I’d personally recommend Matilda, Les Misérables and The Lion King as my top three.

Source: London Theatre Direct

Get your loved one into the festive spirit in more ways than one by getting them a nice bottle of whisky. Christmas is already known for being a time where many people eat and drink too much, so you may as well make sure the drink tastes nice.

Whether they like their whisky smoky and rich, or peaty and understated, a nice tipple always goes down well as a gift. Just make sure whoever you’re giving it to is over 18 – if they’re not, they’ll have to settle for a nice glass of non-alcoholic eggnog instead.


This very much depends on taste and budget. For a higher-end budget, think about Glenfiddich’s Winter Storm at £199. For a lower-end budget, James Eadie Trademark X is a top choice at only £35.

Source: The Whiskey Exchange

Another of the more classic gift ideas, nothing beats a nice pair of warm, cosy socks – especially at Christmas time. Need I say more?


This three-pair set of Christmas socks for £11.99 would look fantastic on the feet of any man.

Source: SockShop

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