6 Essential Supplements For Hair Growth

Hair loss affects both men and women and sometimes it feels like there is nothing to help combat the problem. There are some effective ways to beat hair loss and boost hair growth instead, but you should focus on controlling your stress levels, eating healthy meals, and staying active to help too. Here are some of the best supplements we recommend for hair growth.

  1. Biotin

One of the most popular supplements for hair growth is biotin, it is also marketed as B7 or vitamin H. The main aim of biotin is breaking down protein in the body, this helps with hair and nail growth. Those who lead a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle are likely to be lacking biotin as it usually comes from meat, this is where supplements will be useful. The only other way to get biotin if you don’t eat meat is from tempeh, peanuts, peanut butter, oatmeal, muesli, or nutritional yeast. It can also be found in avocados, seeds, mushrooms, and tahini.

If you are taking biotin supplements and eating all the right foods but still finding you are losing hair instead of growing hair you can look into your options for a hair transplant in Turkey. Hair transplants usually last a lifetime and although you will need to focus on some aftercare post-procedure it will be worth it. Hair loss can cause a lack of confidence and like with hair is better.

  1. Protein

Protein can be found within food and can also be taken in a powder form. It is usually associated with muscle growth but it’s actually what makes up most of our hair. Everybody needs large amounts of protein as it’s a macronutrient, essential for bodily functions. If you don’t eat much protein food you can take a power to help your body get what it needs. Protein bars and powders will not only help hair growth but also give you energy, support strong muscles and make your nails grow long as well.

3. Iron

An iron deficiency is more common than people realise, especially in women. Iron is crucial for a healthy body to help red blood cells carry oxygen. If you’re lacking in iron you might start to lose your hair so taking an iron supplement is a suitable idea for those lacking. You can get tested by a doctor to see how your iron levels are, you might want to do this before investing in supplements as it could be something else you’re lacking.

4. Zinc

Another supplement that’s beneficial for hair growth is zinc, taking zinc supplements will boost your immune system as well as help your hair to grow. It will not only help the growth of hair but also generally help it repair your hair. Many people don’t realise they’re missing out on zinc in their diet and this could be the reach your hair is falling out. Eating more beans, nuts, and seafood can enhance your levels of zinc but taking a supplement is probably a more powerful option.

5. Vitamin  C

Your body won’t be complaining if you have too much Vitamin C as it’s not very likely to harm you, however, some struggle to reach the daily recommended Vitamin C nutritional guidance amount. If you are getting enough Vitamin C and your hair isn’t growing fast you might be lacking in other nutrients. To maximise hair growth you will need a balance between antioxidants and free radicals. Vitamin C is high in antioxidants and will help limit feelings of stress, keep eating those oranges! The protein collagen will be produced by the body when we are getting enough Vitamin C and this will help hair structure. Enough vitamin C will also help the absorption of iron.

6. Vitamin D

Hair loss has been associated with Vitamin D and those who aren’t growing more hair could benefit from supplements. Vitamin D usually comes from the sun and if you’re lacking in this vitamin you could end up feeling tired and unmotivated. Taking vitamin D will promote follicle growth and keep your body healthy.

Now you know some of the best supplements to get long luscious locks you can get started. You will need to be regular with taking the supplements and consistently keep your iron, protein, biotin, zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin C levels up!

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