5 Ways to Make Your Living Room Cosier

The living room is one of the most important rooms in a home. It’s where we go to relax at the end of a hard day, to cuddle up with our loved ones in front of the TV, to catch up with friends or to play some games. Ideally, the living room will be an inviting and cosy room which makes us feel safe and calm, but sometimes this isn’t easy to achieve, especially if the room is particularly large. However, it doesn’t have to be that way as there are 5 ways to make your living room considerably cosier with just a few simple changes.

  1. Improve the insulation

The first step is to make the room itself as warm as possible during the winter months. Often the biggest cause of heat loss in a room is poorly fitted and draughty windows. Replacing single-glazed windows with double or even triple-glazed windows will help to keep more of your heating inside (reducing your heating costs), keep cold draughts out and get rid of condensation on the window sills. If you have exposed floorboards, placing a large rug over the top could significantly reduce your heat loss through the gaps.

  1. Use bold and rich colours

Colour can be very effective at creating a warm feeling in a room, whether it’s done through the paint on the walls, furniture or soft furnishings. Deep browns, reds, charcoal grey and navy on walls can look very sophisticated, particularly when you add contrast with your furnishings, artwork and ornaments. Wooden furniture finished in a dark stain is another great way to add depth and warmth.

  1. Add a glow

The winter brings shorter days and longer nights, which makes lighting very important. Rather than flooding the living room with light, try using softer lightbulbs overhead or place a couple of lamps near your sofa or armchairs. Alternatively, consider arranging candles around the room or even installing a woodburning stove from Stonewoods to provide the room with a glowing warmth.

  1. Embrace cushions and blankets

Snuggling up in a warm blanket with cushions all around is the epitome of cosiness, so don’t be afraid of bringing in several. Choose a mixture of fabrics such as faux fur, felt, wool, silk or chunky knit to layer the luxury and enhance that feeling of being enveloped in warmth. Blankets and rugs can be used in the winter and then packed away during the summer months. You could also replace lightweight curtains with thicker drapes which will keep more of the heat inside.

  1. Add some sparkle and shine

By using interior design elements that have some sparkle, shine, or metallic sheen to them, this can add real interest and depth to a room and heighten the level of luxury. You could do this with brass or copper pieces such as picture frames, lampshades, tealight holders or cushions. If you are planning on redecorating, you may want to choose a wallpaper with metallic elements in its design. Metallic interior design pieces also work very well against the dark colour schemes mentioned earlier.


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