5 Ways Mums Can Practice Self-Care

Being a mum is hard work! There’s no doubt that one of your hardest and most time-consuming tasks is caring for your children. On top of that, you’re probably busy managing your family’s finances, and you might also have a day job to attend to. There are so many things that you have to care for, that it’s all too easy to forget to care for yourself!

Even the busiest mums need to practice self-care. When you take time to work on your own well-being, you’ll be happier, more productive, and more attentive to your family’s needs. Here are 5 easy ways you can practice self-care.

1.      Indulge

Don’t ever feel bad about indulging! Being a mum is a tiresome 24/7 job, and you absolutely deserve to indulge yourself once in a while. Indulge in any way you see fit. Stuff your face with all of your favorite foods. Lounge outdoors and dive into a good book. Pop open a great bottle of wine. Splurge on new stuff, like clothes, shoes, jewelry or household items. Or, go take a day trip somewhere and get some much-needed rest and relaxation. Spend excess time and money on yourself, and, most importantly, don’t feel bad about it!

Here’s the truth: you probably spend long hours every week indulging in your family or professional responsibilities. You deserve to receive just as much attention from yourself as you give to others.

2.      Remind Yourself of Your Best Qualities

Make it a habit to remind yourself of all your best qualities, every single day. It’s no secret that when you’re a mum, your world revolves almost entirely around your kids. You probably spend a lot of time nurturing them, but you also need to nurture yourself.

Practice standing in front of the mirror and listing off your favorite things about yourself. Don’t be modest! Build your own self-confidence just like you build your children’s. Tell yourself that you’re beautiful, that you’re funny, that you’re hardworking—name any and every trait you can think of. As you go about your day, keep on reminding yourself of these things. Self-love is a mindset, and you can condition yourself to uphold this mindset if you frequently remind yourself of your best qualities. Get a cute self-love journal so you can write encouraging notes to yourself.

3.      Have a Portrait Done

Have a portrait taken of yourself! A portrait is a classy way to show the world that you hold yourself in high regard, and nothing can boost your self-confidence quite like an exemplary portrait.

There are many different ways you can have your portrait done. You can hire a photographer to come do a professional-quality photoshoot. Or, if you have the extra cash, you can hire an artist to come do a painting of you. Here’s another quirky idea: find an aura camera for sale and get your aura photo taken. According to holistic beliefs, everyone has an invisible aura that surrounds their body. An aura camera takes a reading of your hand and creates an interpretation of your aura, which has unique colors that correspond to your emotional state. It’s fun to share these colorful photos with friends, and they can even help you be more aware of your moods.

Another fun portrait is a silhouette, which is understated, but classy. Regardless of the kind of portrait you choose, be sure to hang it somewhere in the home where it’s prominently displayed!

4.      Give Yourself a Makeover

You have to buy a ton of clothes for your growing children. Why not buy some clothes for yourself? Practice self-care by revamping your wardrobe.  Go to the store and indulge in heaps of new outfits! If you need some inspiration, check out some of our 2019 fashion trends.

But your makeover doesn’t have to stop there. Go and get your hair and nails done and spruce up your style. You’ll feel totally refreshed when you don a brand-new look.

5.      Start a New Project

Sometimes, practicing self-care doesn’t necessarily mean relaxing. If you frequently feel bored or unsatisfied, it might be time for you to start a personal project. Do anything that interests you: create a painting, make handcrafted jewelry, or take dance lessons.

Why not start a business? If you’re in the entrepreneurial spirit, you can launch a new company right from the comfort of your own home. Find a place in the house that you can turn into a cozy, ergonomic home office, and create the business of your dreams. You could wind up making some extra side cash, or possibly launching a whole new career.

Don’t forget, mums: indulge yourself, remind yourself of your best qualities, have a portrait done, give yourself a makeover, or start a new project. Any of these self-care ideas can help you build your confidence or relieve a lot of the crazy stress that comes from being a parent.

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