5 Tips for Decorating with Rugs

If you have a room in your home that lacks excitement, adding a rug may be all it takes to transform your space for the better. Not only can a rug anchor a room, it can bring warmth, as well as add an extra layer to the room’s décor. To help get you started, here are 5 tips for decorating with rugs.

Define Areas

Using a rug can be a great way to separate or define areas in your home. If you don’t have lots of room to play around with, a rug can help section off dining or seating areas, as well as foyers. Studio apartments in particular can benefit from a rug, or a large room that needs definition.

Create Variety

Adding a rug to your room can be a great way to create variety. If you place two rugs down in a room, you need to be aware that having the same sized rugs can split the room into two, therefore it’s best to use different sized rugs.

Work Out Your Colour Scheme

To make sure your rug complements your furniture and other items, it’s best to try and match your existing colour scheme. If you have beige walls, the last thing you want to do is pick a colour that stands out for the wrong reasons. You also need to factor in that rugs can get dirty very quickly, especially if you have a pet or encounter a lot of foot traffic, so picking a darker colour may be the best option for you.

Create a Focal Point

If your living spaces are looking a little bare, it may be because you haven’t established a focal point. Laying down a rug can have a huge impact and get people talking, so to do this effectively, you can create a contrast by painting your walls in a colour that matches your rug.

Play Around with Shapes

Don’t just think that rugs need to be rectangular. There are lots of different shapes that you can check out which may be the perfect fit for your living room or bedroom. Try to figure out which sort of shape would look best in your room, then you can go with a round, oval, or square shaped rug that will complement your furniture arrangement.

Finding a Rug

If you have decided to purchase a rug for your home, it’s important to find one that matches your personality and style. Websites like orientalistrug.com can be a great place to start, where you can find a variety of Persian rugs that can add a touch of class and luxury to your home. There is also the opportunity to save up to 50% on your order.

Whether your living room needs a bit of sprucing up, or you want to inject some personality into your bedroom, adding a rug can be a great decorative touch. Having something quirky and eye-catching on your floor can also be a great talking point and impress your family and friends.

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