5 Subscription Boxes That Are Worth Checking Out If You Have Kids

Subscription boxes are a phenomenon that has truly burst onto the scene in the past 5+ years, providing people with fun, intriguing, useful, and new products that they can check out and enjoy. The fact that these goodies are delivered to your doorstep on a recurring basis makes it all the more exciting and convenient. With that said, the sheer volume of subscription boxes in various categories can get a little daunting, so which one makes sense for you?

Here we’ll take a look at five subscription boxes that are perfect for those with kids. Whether they provide activities and items that the kids themselves can use or provide you with the tools you need to rest, each one of these is worth looking into.

Compass Cooks

Whether you are looking for a way to keep the kids entertained that doesn’t involve video games and screen time, or you just want to take an active role in teaching your kids valuable life skills, Compass Cooks, found at compasscooks.com, can be the perfect subscription box. This is a cooking subscription box that is meant to not only teach kids about cooking but also about cuisine from around the world. The whole family will enjoy sampling the various recipes.

Little Fawn

If you have a young child or children, then the Little Fawn Box could be just what you’re looking for. This one is especially well-known thanks to its low cost, coming in at just £12.99 per month. The goal of this box is to provide items for your little one and for mums. This may include beauty items, health and wellness items, toys, and goodies.

Mud & Bloom

Teaching kids all about gardening is another fabulous life skill and a really fun activity at the same time. The Mud & Bloom box is fabulous for those who want to get the kids outside and in the garden. The box provides them with ways to learn all the basics and is filled with games, nature crafts, quizzes, and planting activities. It even gives them the resources needed to learn about bugs, animals, and birds.


Sometimes it’s not about the kids. Rather, it’s about mums getting that quiet calm break they need. That is exactly what the WildWoman box offers. This one is about helping women connect with their body, mind, and soul. Each month you will receive a self-development book and a few specific items to help with that goal.

Mysteries in Time

Here’s an opportunity to give kids an engaging and fun lesson in world history with the Mysteries in Time box. This is a monthly subscription that provides them with a wide variety of activities. Kids will explore through the characters of Katie and Max, and then head off on historical adventures. Some of the items you may receive are history booklets, bookmarks, stickers, themed gifts, a world map, and more.

Fun, Entertainment, and Education

No matter which of these boxes gets your attention, they all have some things in common; they offer fun, entertainment, and education.

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