5 Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

When it comes to decorating or renovating a house, most people think about how much space they have, what wallpaper to choose, and which way the furniture should face, but what about how bright the space is? A bright home is a happy home, and fortunately, there are some very simple ways to achieve this – here are five of them for you to consider. 

1: More Windows 

While artificial lighting does a great job of brightening a room, nothing beats the stream of light you get through the house on a sunny day. To make your home feel as bright and welcoming as possible, install bigger windows around the space. Even better – purchase see-through sliding doors for the entrance to your back garden to let as much light in as possible. 

Roof windows are especially great for letting the sunshine pour through to every corner, so install them on your kitchen ceiling for the perfect natural light while cooking, eating, and socialising. 

2: Layered Lighting 

While a large ceiling light will brighten a room, it won’t create the right kind of atmosphere. Instead, focus on layering your lights by using a mixture of ceiling lights, wall bulbs, floor lamps, string lights, and more. Not only will it brighten your space, but it will also look and feel far more comfortable. 

3: Light Colours 

While darker shades have their place in any home, to create a brighter space, you should focus on primarily using lighter colours like whites, creams, and greys – you can always contrast them with a single dark wall! By using lighter shades, your home will automatically feel brighter. 

As well as choosing lighter colours, you should also reduce the number of shades you use, as the more colours in one room, the more crowded it feels. Stick to two to three basic shades to create a fresh, bright atmosphere. 

4: Big Mirrors 

Mirrors can be a great decoration to any home, but they don’t only provide a place to brush your hair or straighten your attire – they also brighten any space they are placed in. They do this by bouncing the light around the room, so by placing a large mirror in a well-lit room, you’ll find it instantly feels more spacious and brighter. 

You can find many different mirrors in a variety of styles, so choose ones that fit your home’s aesthetic. If you love the vintage look, search for gold gilt frames and ornate wall mirrors. 

5: Declutter 

No matter how many mirrors, windows, and light colours you use, the brightness of your home will diminish with too much clutter. So, once you have decorated to your liking, spend some time sorting out your belongings and getting rid of items that you no longer need (remembering to donate where you can!). If you have lots of personal items you don’t want to let go of, focus on getting creative with your storage. For example, you could turn your staircase into hidden shelves

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