5 Kinds of Subscriptions to Treat Yourself With

You work hard every day, which means you deserve to treat yourself once in a while. Everyone needs to have a mood boost now and then, but sometimes it can be hard to find the right way to do it without breaking the bank. The solution? Sign up to a subscription service so you can get a monthly treat without having to spend a small fortune. There are a variety of options out there, so finding one (or two!) that provide you with all your favourite things should be easy. Here are 5 kinds of subscriptions you can treat yourself to with.

1.   Drinks

From gin to wine, to beer and whiskey, drinks subscription services have boomed over the last year. They’re a great way to discover new brands and concoctions from all over the world, and usually, these subscription boxes come with mixers, snacks, and some reading material so you can learn more about what’s in the box. If you enjoy relaxing with a glass of full-bodied red or some pink gin, this could be the perfect subscription service for you. There are also non-alcoholic versions of these subscriptions for those who prefer to stick to soft drinks.

2.   Food

Some subscription services provide meals each week and many people have found them useful, but you don’t have to sign up for a weekly subscription if you don’t want to. For example, jikonilondon.com offers customers incredible food boxes that can come once or twice a month, as well as weekly. This subscription provides upscale restaurant food that is the perfect treat for food lovers. Other services provide cakes, brownies and biscuits once a month, as well as chocolate, meats, and herbs and spices, so there are enough options to delight any appetite.

3.   Books

If you’re a lover of the written word, why not try a book subscription service? You might already have overflowing bookshelves at home, but if you’re too busy to get out to your local bookshop, having them carefully selected and delivered to your door is a wonderful treat. A lot of book subscription services tend to focus on certain genres and themes, but others have more of a mix if you want to try something different.

4.   Beauty Products

What better way to treat yourself than with a bit of pampering? While spa days and weekends might be out of your budget, a subscription to a beauty box should be more manageable. Recreate the zen atmosphere of a spa at home and give yourself a facial when your delivery arrives. You’ll look and feel good all the time with these fabulous subscription boxes.

5.   Jewellery

Want something a bit different out of your subscription? If you don’t want to stock up on food and booze once a month, why not try a jewellery subscription instead? All you need to do is let them know your style and they will send gorgeous, unique pieces straight to your door. Some of these subscriptions are flexible, too, so you can control how often they come. If you have a soft spot for beautiful jewels, this could be the ideal treat for you!

Next time you want to treat yourself to something nice, think about signing up for a subscription service like these.

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