5 House Moving Tips for Single Mums

As a mum, it’s only natural that your child’s health and wellbeing comes before your own. If the property you currently live in isn’t up to scratch or isn’t suitable for you and your kids, it may be time to up sticks and move. However, moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in life, so here are some useful tips on how to make the experience less daunting.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

The earlier you start packing, the less hassle you will have on moving day. With young children to look after, getting everything organised is easier said than done, so it’s best to take things in stages, otherwise, you may burn out quicker. There are lots of factors to take into account before moving home, so you need to set aside enough time to get everything sorted beforehand. Once your move date is set in stone, you can act accordingly to ensure you’re not running around tying up loose ends on the big day.

Get Help from Family and Friends

As a single mum, you may not have a partner to rely on to help with the move, so it’s important that you reach out to family and friends who can offer help and support. Whether they look after the kids while you get things sorted, or assist in the move, having your loved ones by your side can reduce stress levels and ensure your move runs smoothly. Don’t hesitate to ask for help in these circumstances, as the more support you have, the better the experience will be.

Create a Checklist

When you begin the process of packing everything up, it can be easy to forget what you’ve done and haven’t done. To keep you organised, it’s important that you create a checklist that you can work with every step of the way. Make sure that you label all your boxes and designate them to particular rooms in the home, so once you arrive at your new home, your loved ones will know where to place them. Moving home is a mammoth task, so having a checklist that you can cross off will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Put Furniture in Storage

If you’re downsizing and are unsure as to whether all your furniture will fit into your new property, you should consider using Jennings Storage who have storage Oxford units that you can use to house your belongings. Jennings Storage has a wealth of experience in personal storage and business storage. The team has full security, 24/7 site access, and different storage units which will ensure your possessions are kept safe and secure.

Look After Yourself

As your move day gets closer, it’s natural that stress levels will rise, especially if you have a mountain of jobs and tasks to complete. Make sure that you factor in regular breaks that you can use to relax and unwind. It’s important that you look after your mental and physical wellbeing during this time and stay focused and alert. There are several things you can do to reduce stress levels, such as practicing relaxation techniques and factoring in regular exercise. If things get too much, don’t bottle up your emotions. Your family and friends are there to support you, so they can step in and look after the kids while you have some much needed ‘me’ time.

If it’s time for a fresh start and a new chapter, moving home should be something to look forward to rather than dread. Moving all your life and belongings from one place to another can increase stress levels, so putting all the tips above into practice can help you feel calmer and ensure the move is as stress-free as possible.

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