5 Health Tips if You Work at a Screen Every Day

There’s no escaping a screen or two these days, and while screens can easily dominate your downtime, they can also be a way of life for those people who have to work at a desk with a screen all day, every day, for their job.

While you might not be able to escape the screen altogether, there are some things you can do to make sure your health is best cared for when working in this position.

  1. Get Up and Walk Around Regularly

This means better health for your eyes, and for your body. Getting up, walking around and stretching your legs is key for good health and circulation, and it also gives your eyes a rest by focusing on something in the distance and looking away from the screen.

Try to split your day up into parts where you can look for opportunities to stand and walk. A good rule of thumb is at least every hour.

If this is tricky, you can also look at ways to promote more movement at your desk, such as under-the-desk exercise equipment.

  1. Set Up Your Workspace for Maximum Support

It’s essential to have an ergonomic set up when you’re working at a desk and with a screen. This should include:

  • A supportive chair at the correct height, with lumbar support and armrests
  • A footrest to elevate your feet from the floor
  • Wrist rests for using a keyboard and mouse
  • Screen-positioning equipment so that your screen is level with your eye in the correct way
  1. Gain Blue Light Protection

Most technology screens will emit a high-energy blue light, like your computer screen, or your smart device screen. This blue light can contribute to eyestrain if you are staring at a screen for long periods. It can also increase the likelihood of you feeling more awake if you are looking at blue light screens late at night, or in bed, meaning you might have trouble sleeping.

You can protect against blue light by wearing non-prescription glasses which are built to block blue light. Or, if you wear prescription glasses, you can also invest in blue light filtration coating for your lenses.

You can also set some devices to emit a warmer light.

  1. Take Your Lunch and Breaks Away from Screens

It can be tempting to carry on sitting at your desk when you’re eating lunch or on your break, and maybe browse the web, or check your phone. However, these are key opportunities to take a proper break, so you should try to get away from your desk and look at something other than a screen.

Read a book or magazine, or take a walk outside, to give your eyes rest away from technology.

  1. Try Eye Exercises

It’s important to try and be more mindful with looking at your screen. Be sure to blink regularly to keep your eyes moisturised. Try to look away from the screen into the distance every 15 minutes or so, and keep moving your eyes up, down, left and right to exercise them and lessen strain.

With these tips, you can work comfortably and safely at a screen.

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