5 Fantastic Phone Apps (you’ve probably never heard of!)

Nowadays there are apps for everything, apps to help people stay organised, apps to help people keep fit, apps to help people save us money – you name it – and there is almost definitely an app for it.

There are close to one million apps in the iTunes app store, which means there are bound to be some apps on the market that have passed you by.

So, what apps will actually make a difference? What are the must-have apps that you shouldn’t be living without? In this article, we have pinpointed five of the most useful apps in the world. These apps are relatively unknown, but they provide useful services that we are sure you will keep coming back to time and time again.

A Virtual Private Network app

A VPN is probably the best unknown app available on the market. VPN apps give you digital privacy by encrypting your web traffic: this stops your ISP and the government from being able to track what you do online.

A VPN apps lets you unblock locally restricted websites and access foreign websites by letting you pretend to be in a different country. Most people use a VPN to unblock more content, but the benefits of a VPN app are numerous:

  • Do anything you want online without fear of being watched thanks to VPN app encryption
  • Download content via BitTorrent with complete freedom and privacy
  • Access content that is censored by the government or blocked by your ISP
  • Use streaming sites that are blocked
  • Unblock more content on Netflix
  • Pretend to be in a different country to access geo-restricted content
  • Access website services and content from back home when you are away on holiday
  • Protect yourself from hackers while on public Wi-Fi
  • Conceal your real IP address from the websites you visit to stop them tracking you

Ray Walsh, digital privacy expert at BestVPN.com, believes that everyone should have a VPN:

“Once you have a VPN, you will never want to go back. A VPN will give you online freedom and privacy like you have never experienced it before.”

With a VPN you can do anything you want online, which is why we consider it one of the best – if not the best – app in the world.


Honey App

This relatively unknown app can really help you to save money online. The app (or browser extension) automatically searches for and injects voucher codes when you check out your shopping basket in an online store. It can’t always help, but when it does it can save you a pretty penny.

Definitely an app worth adding to your browser (Chrome or Firefox). If automated coupons, promo codes, and deals, appeals to you – get yourself some honey.



This cloud-based task management tool lets you get your life in order using a smartphone, tablet, computer, or smartwatch. With Wunderlist, you get a comprehensive to-do-list, interactive reminders, and the ability to keep track of you daily errands – all in one place. Wunderlist won’t change your life, but it will help you to cut through the chaos of the day to day.


Life nowadays exposes us to new music almost constantly. Adverts, TV shows, movies, podcasts, or radio shows – you never know when you are going to hear a song you love. With Shazam you have a quick and efficient method for finding the name of a song. Just hold your device up to the source of the music (or sing it into Shazam yourself) and hey presto: the name and artist of the song appears – so that you can add it to your Spotify playlist later on.


This useful app allow you to automate useful tasks. The app’s name stands for If This Then That, and it allows users to do things like save a photo to Dropbox automatically when they upload it to Instagram. With IFTTT you can automate a huge number of tasks to happen when another one occurs. For example if you miss a phone call you can get an email notification. And, IFTTT is becoming integrated into the IoT by allowing people to automatically turn on a kettle or their heating as soon as they get close to their home. If you have ever wanted an app that makes other apps work together; this might be for you.

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