5 Effective Ways to Increase Privacy Across Your Home

Your house should serve as a haven away from the rest of the world, which will allow you to immerse yourself in sheer relaxation. However, it can feel anything but private if people are constantly peering into your property or your neighbours are staring into your garden.

To ensure you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your property each day, check out the following five effective ways to increase privacy across your home.

  1. Prevent Prying Eyes with Window Shutters

While large windows will allow much natural sunlight to flow across a room, which can make your home appear bright, spacious and airy, they can also encourage people to peer inside your home each day.

Fortunately, plantation shutters can provide your home with some much-needed privacy, so you can relax on the sofa or chat with loved ones without fear of being watched. Plus, you will not need to compromise on your view or natural sunlight. There is also a style to complement every interior design. Find out more about plantation shutters Charleston from Advanced Window Fashions.

  1. Erect Fencing in Your Garden

Nothing could make you want to head back inside quite like a nosey neighbour looking into your garden! If you want to sunbathe in comfort or host summer garden parties without worrying about others looking in, erect high-quality, tall fencing, which can stop people from peering inside and can allow you to enjoy your outdoor space in privacy and comfort.

You also can choose from different fencing options to suit your needs and taste, such as:

  • Wood
  • Chain link
  • Vinyl or PVC
  • Concrete block walls
  1. Cover Your Exposed Fences with a Privacy Screen

If, however, you currently have chain link fencing, it is likely it doesn’t provide much privacy between you and your neighbours’ gardens, which can make you feel exposed when relaxing in the outdoors. What’s more, it could make it easier for your pets to escape from your home. If so, it might be beneficial to add a privacy screen across the chain link fencing, which can decrease visibility while ensuring your pets remain safe and secure within the home.

  1. Plant Trees and Large Hedges

Another option is to plant trees and large hedges to shield your garden from other houses. Not only can it prevent unwanted glances from your pesky neighbours, but it can also add a burst of colour and beauty into your exterior design. Plus, both trees and hedges will require little maintenance throughout the years. So, you can create a peaceful, private environment for the whole family.

  1. Add a Beautiful Water Fountain

If you want to block out noise from a busy neighbourhood, add a water fountain in your garden. The calming sound could drown out external noise, which can create a more tranquil, serene space for the whole family to enjoy. Also, you could strategically place them near a conversational area, which can prevent your nosey neighbours from overhearing conversations between you and your loved ones.

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