5 Common Foods That Damage Your Teeth

The best way to look after your teeth is to brush them twice a day for at least two minutes each time. Alongside this, you should floss once a day and you can even use mouthwash to help keep plaque away and your teeth healthy.

Of course, you also need to find a good dentist, such as this dentist Arana Hills, and have them check your teeth regularly.

Your teeth become damaged because sugar in the food you eat reacts with bacteria in your mouth. This creates an acid which attacks the enamel on your teeth. The sticky residue produced sticks to your teeth and slowly hardens into plaque.

Unfortunately, cutting out sugar isn’t an option, t’s in almost everything you eat. But, there are some foods that are worse than others and should be avoided.

  1. Sweets

Sweets are basically pure sugar, making them great for tooth decay. Alongside this, sweets tend to be sticky, meaning the food sticks to your teeth better, maximizing the damage that can be done by the bacteria reacting with this sugar.

While sweets are the worst, sweety desserts are almost as bad and should be avoided unless part of your meal.

  • Citrus Fruit

Citrus fruit is a type of fruit and therefore potentially healthy. However, citric fruits contain acid. This is a definite case of in moderation. Eating a few citrus fruits is fine. Too many and you’ll be coating your teeth in citric acid which will wear away your enamel.

  • Popcorn

Popcorn is generally coated in sugar which automatically makes it bad for your teeth. But, even if you opt for a sugar-free option, it can still cause damage. Popcorn naturally contains sugar and it always gets stuck in your teeth. This, and the fact you’re probably watching a movie, means the bacteria have more time to react and can produce more acid.

Alongside this, popcorn always contains some kernels that haven’t popped. Bite on one of them by accident and you can crack your tooth.

  • Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is another healthy snack option. However, even fruit contains sugar. In small doses this is acceptable. But, when you dry fruit out you effectively concentrate the sugar content.

The fact that they are dried means you’ll eat more and they are likely to stick to your teeth. In short, you’re better off eating fresh fruit instead of dried.

  • Ice

Ice is great for a drink and it’s not supposed to be a food. But, who hasn’t tried chewing up a frozen lump of ice? The problem is that ice is a very hard substance. If you try to chew it you will grind it against your teeth and it can damage the enamel coating.

Anything that damages the enamel coating on your teeth increases the risk of you developing cavities. That means a trip to the dentist for cleaning and filling, along with an increased risk of infection and other complications.

In short, it’s better to avoid the worst foods and look after your teeth. You only get one set.

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