5 Advice for Single Mum Who Dates With Children

Dating for single mums can be stressful since a lot of young women who get divorced and spend all their free time looking after their kids feel not really confident when it comes to dating. Even though young ladies want to look attractive, get attention and receive compliments don’t really know how to compete with those hot girls in their 20s.

Online dating seems like the best idea for single mums. It’s simple, convenient and gives you a chance to get prepared for having such a long-awaited date. Meetville dating site allows meeting people locally, so you have a nice chance to meet a good-looking guy and get invited for a real date. However, dating as a single mum is not the same as when you were just a single girl. So, we decided to provide you with 5 good advice on meeting men regardless of the fact that you have kids.


Top 5 Tips for Single Mums Dating

If you want to succeed on a date with a handsome guy but you don’t know whether to tell him about you being a mum, if so then what exactly you should tell him about your child and finally how to make him like you then we are going to help you together with our dating experts!


  1. Never let kids stop you from dating

The first and the wisest advice that we would like to give you is your kids shouldn’t stop you from dating and enjoying yourself as a woman. You deserve attention and you deserved to be loved, therefore, don’t complain that your kids and responsibilities over them stop you from being a happy woman. Once you meet a man who makes you happy, your kids will get the best version of you. So, register at a dating site now and start meeting nice guys today.


  1. Have realistic expectations

Be honest from the beginning and mention in your profile at a dating service that you have a child. So, those men who visit your profile will know your circumstances. Don’t expect that every single guy who doesn’t have a kid himself will be ready to take such a responsibility. So having realistic expectations like dealing with a man who worries about you not spending all your free time with him or not giving him enough attention will help you to not get disappointed in searching for love again.


  1. Come as a modern, happy and romantic woman

No one wants a woman who is complaining about life. Being a single mum is hard work but men will unlikely want to date you if you start complaining about not sleeping well, having to work hard, cooking, cleaning, etc. If you want to get successful, then you should remain a beautiful, romantic and sexy lady. This is what attracts men. Stay positive, talk about good sides of being a mother and you will see that men become interested in you and want to see you again.


  1. Move on

It happens that a guy seems nice and kind but it just doesn’t work between him and your kids. If you want to build a serious relationship then it matters what your kids think of your partner. Don’t try to make your children respect and love him if they don’t. Your kids and your new partner should become friends. In this case, you can all become a happy family. Trying out lesbian dating can become a good alternative if you are bisexual. You may meet a wonderful woman who would suit you and your kids perfectly.


  1. Give it a chance

Meeting in real life is a different story to chatting on the Internet. If there is someone who likes you and knows your circumstances but you are still thinking whether to go on a date or look for someone better, just give it a chance. There is no harm in meeting a guy for a drink or a dinner out and having a chat. If you don’t like him, at least you have a practice and will feel more confident on the next date.



Don’t let yourself stay single for too long. You have to look hot, you must be positive and you should go on dates, mama. So keep our tips in mind and have great dates enjoying yourself and meeting potential partners!


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