4 Ways to Save Money on Your Family’s Food Bill

Paying for a family lifestyle can run up a lot of extreme costs, even if you try to be as frugal as possible. Growing children can become expensive, and running a household has its fair share of bills. One of the hardest to navigate can be the family food bill, as it’s so easy to let your stomach do the decision-making instead of your head (one of the reasons not to go food shopping on an empty stomach!)

If you’re looking to try and cut food costs, then here are four ways you can do so.

  1. Plan Your Family Meals

If you don’t plan your meals and make a specific shopping list, then you’re going to be more at risk of becoming distracted when you’re in front of the supermarket shelves. It’s tempting to throw anything into the trolley when you aren’t quite sure what you’re going to be cooking for the week, and this is a sure-fire way to end up overspending or wasting food that you might not end up using.

Plan your family meals for the week, and be sure to try and think of those meals which can extend over more than one day, such as pasta and chilli, so they can be frozen and used again – saving you even more money in the long run.

  1. Look for Discount Coupons

Trying to save money with your family’s food doesn’t mean that you can never afford to treat yourself. If you are looking for a meal out for the family from time to time, though, be sure to still be financially-savvy by looking for vouchers and coupons which could save you money when you eat out. Coupons for family-friendly restaurants like Pizza Hut vouchers will make a huge difference to your final bill, meaning you can enjoy your meal out without worrying about the cost.

  1. Don’t Go Shopping with Your Children (if You Can Help It!)

Trying to save money, make cutbacks, and be sensible becomes extremely difficult when your children are browsing the supermarket aisles with you. They are going to want exactly what they see, and they might not like it if they’re not allowed to throw something into the trolley, too.

It’s much easier to have a more budget-friendly shopping experience if you can buy what you need without your children seeing items they can’t have, and then they know to only expect the food items which you have brought home for them.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Cheaper Brands

If you’re accustomed to top brand items and you’re used to knowing where everything is in your favourite supermarket, chances are you are not going to change your habits and shop anywhere different. However, changing your shopping habits and branching out can save you a lot of money. Try looking for certain items in cheaper branded supermarkets like Aldi, as you could get the same item for a fraction of the price.

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