4 Tips for Purchasing the Right First Vehicle for Your Child

Selecting a first vehicle for your child throws up a wide range of emotions. On the one hand, you’re excited about the prospect of helping out your offspring and getting them on the road. On the other hand, there’s plenty of stress and apprehension in picking the right motor.

This choice isn’t made any easier by the varying specifications between you and your child. Your focus will be on a vehicle that is affordable, while they will have the desire for a cool whip to impress their friends.

To ensure you get the decision right, here are four helpful tips when it comes to purchasing a first vehicle for your child:

Tip 1: Educate about safety

Safety is arguably the biggest factor when it comes to buying a vehicle. You certainly don’t want your child to come to harm due to a faulty part of their motor. Yet it’s not only about acquiring a vehicle that is safe and runs well. It’s also imperative you educate your child about safety.

After all, a vehicle is only as safe as the driver behind the wheel. To ensure their safety education is up to scratch, make them go to a high-quality driving school. In addition, observe their driving skills and provide them with helpful pointers when needed.

Tip 2: It doesn’t have to be a car

That’s right. You don’t necessarily have to settle on a car as the starting vehicle for your child’s venture into motor transport. You always have the option to pick a scooter or motorbike, for example.

While this might not seem like the most logical choice initially, it makes sense if your child is driving around the congested roads of Essex and London. Along with being easier to navigate the area, it’s also a more cost-effective pick in general when compared to a car.

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Tip 3: Consider insurance, tax, and fuel efficiency

You already know that buying a vehicle doesn’t simply involve one lump sum. Along with the initial purchase, there are various ongoing costs that need to be covered. These costs are generally insurance, tax, and petrol.

With this in mind, try and find a vehicle that keeps those costs down. A fuel-efficient vehicle is a starting point, and you should also find one which has favourable tax and insurance rates for young drivers.

There’s also the threat of faults and breakdowns that can end up being more costly than the vehicle itself. To try and diminish this being a factor, look for a vehicle that has a reputation for being reliable.

Tip 4: Don’t cover the entire financial burden

Even if it’s a treat for your child, you shouldn’t take on the entire financial burden of buying a vehicle. You can pay the initial full price for the motor, sure, but try and avoid covering those aforementioned regular expenses. Along with saving you money, it helps to supply your child with a sense of financial responsibility.

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