4 Tips for Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday at Home

Whether it’s because you’re looking to save money on a huge event or renting out a venue, or because your child would most enjoy celebrating their birthday at home around loved ones, there are many great ways to make a birthday at home that extra bit special. If your child is celebrating a summer birthday and you have access to outside space, this can be even better in terms of fun ideas and activities to do. Here are some top tips for celebrating your child’s birthday at home.

  • Choose Your Guest List Carefully

If you’re planning on inviting other families and children to the party (or a group of your child’s friends), try to limit the guest list as much as possible. A large group of young children all together can be demanding in any place, but it can be even more so inside your own home, and especially if you have a small one at that! So, reduce the stress and panic a little by inviting a small number of the friends your child would like to attend.

Alternatively, maybe you’d prefer a more intimate celebration with family only!

  • Keep Your Food Simple

When you’re trying to juggle the excitement (and potential chaos) of lots of children together for a high-energy celebration, you want to avoid having to cook a three-course meal and spending hours in the kitchen.

Simple food will go down a treat, especially for children who don’t want to spend too long sat at the table. You may want to eat buffet-style and have food available throughout the day, eat outside or plan a BBQ – or even just go for a simple option such as pizzas to put in the oven.

This also means you’ll have less to wash up later, too!

  • Plan an Exciting Activity

A child’s birthday party wouldn’t be complete without one main event to draw their attention! Whether it’s hiring a children’s entertainer or having a bouncy castle in the garden, be sure to have an activity that will hold their attention. Even better, why not look for fireworks for sale – which adults can enjoy as much as the children – to finish the night off with a bang.

  • Plan Other Activities

As well as a specific activity to focus on in terms of entertainment, it’s a good idea to plan some home-based activities, too. On a nice summer’s day if you have a garden, you could plan a treasure hunt and hide clues; or you could set up a projector outside and play your child’s favourite film for everyone to watch with some snacks.

If you’re unsure what to plan, you can always ask your child (if they’re old enough) what they’d like to have included at their celebration and see what you can do for them.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Forget the Cake!

No child’s birthday would be complete without a cake, of course! Whether it’s a simple design, a cake you’ve baked yourself or an extravagant 10-tiered affair, your child will be excited to blow out the candles.

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