4 Things You Should Know About DUI Cases

It’s easy to think that you may never experience a DUI arrest because you are a responsible person who never gets drunk before driving your car. However, even though you don’t have an intention to violate your principle, gaining knowledge about DUI cases is necessary. This article will introduce to you the four things about DUI cases that you should keep in mind before operating any vehicle.

What Is A DUI?

So, what exactly does a DUI stand for? DUI is an acronym for “driving under influence”. In particular, DUI is the offense of driving or operating a vehicle after taking drugs or drinking the amount of alcohol that is above the level of legal allowance.

This term is not just about the act of actual driving but may include the physical control of a specific vehicle. For example, one will be charged with DUI if they are sitting in the driver’s while being intoxicated.

DUI Process 

Although the process of DUI cases is quite complicated and technical, the stages are mostly the same as other criminal cases, which include: arrest, testing, and charges. 

When an officer has a suspicion that one is driving under influence, he will lawfully arrest that person. After being arrested, the suspect will take a blood or breath test. If his Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is above 0.8, the charge with BAC over 0.8 will be added. Depending on particular circumstances and the suspect’s criminal history, the suspect will be released on bail or asked to appear in court.

Remember that although you may not actually drive a car, being in control of a vehicle after getting drunk will also cause you trouble.

What Should You Do?

As mentioned above, a DUI case is quite complex, especially when it comes to appearing in court. A normal citizen may not fully understand everything that is involved in a DUI case or how to conduct a successful defense.

That’s when they need a qualified advocate to give them useful advice on beating their cases. The professionals behind https://www.belenlawfirm.com/criminal-defense/dui-offense-attorney-phoenix/ explain the importance of an attorney in mitigating the effects the DUI cases may bring. The experienced attorney will answer all the questions about the case and give possible advice to help you achieve possible outcomes.

To get immediate support, contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. It will help you to better understand your rights and legal options. 

DUI Arrest Affects Your Life 

In most cases, A DUI conviction will be reflected on your criminal record. However, how long a DUI stays on your record varies by state. A DUI usually stays on your driving record from five to ten years and driving insurance for three to five years.

However, the point is that a DUI can significantly impact many aspects of your life, such as employment or personal relationships. For example, many employers require a background check. It will be more difficult for you to keep your current job or get a new one in the future. 

Moreover, if your job involves driving, you will get into trouble as a DUI record restricts your ability to drive. You may need to change to other means of transportation, which will be a devastating experience if you are not used to it.

Be Careful When Driving

If you intend to use drugs or drink alcohol, make sure you won’t operate or control any vehicle. Keep yourself away from them and be responsible for your life and the community. Take a taxi or bus after drinking to avoid being arrested and to protect yourself and your future.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is never a good practice. You’re not only placing yourself in danger but those around you as well. Rather than experience the negative possibilities, it’s best to steer clear of any form of alcohol if you’re going to drive anytime soon/

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