4 Jobs for Parents

Being a parent is a full-time job in itself; however, it doesn’t pay the bills and most of us parents will need a part-time or full-time job. There are many jobs available, though, that offer flexible working hours so you can help balance your work and home life.

Below are 4 jobs that can help parents balance parenthood with a career.

1.   Teacher’s Assistant

A teacher’s assistant, or teacher’s aide, typically assists a teacher with classroom assignments and activities. This can be helping a class with their work or offering support for out of classroom activities like heading out on a day trip to a museum, for example.

The benefits of working as a teacher’s assistant include having the same holidays off as their children, working hours that their children will be in school, and working in an industry that understands the responsibilities of being a parent.

Usually, to become a teacher’s assistant, you only have to have GCSE’s and A-Levels.

2.   Driving Instructor

For those that love to drive and be out of the house and office, helping people learn to drive can be a fun career path that offers flexibility. Of course, you will need to undergo training and know the highway code, but this is a profitable career for parents.

You will be your own boss, work the hours you want, meet new people and have the self-satisfaction of earning your own money while also looking after your children. While you will need to find customers and gain a positive reputation, word of mouth travels fast if you have good pass rates.

The Driving Instructor Hub is a great place to head to and contact for more information on how to become a driving instructor. They offer training as well as supplies.

3.   Freelance Copywriter

Do you have a way with words? If so, then working as a freelance copywriter can be a great career opportunity for those who would like to work from home – ideal for parents who have young children and may struggle with childcare.

There is a lot of competition when it comes to freelance work, no matter the niche or industry. Build yourself a portfolio, create profiles on freelancing websites, and reach out to prospective clients. Once you have landed a few clients, ask for reviews.

4.   Proofreader

Much like being a copywriter, if you have an eye for spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, you could be a fantastic proofreader. This can be done remotely or in an office, but if you go down the route of being freelance, you can pick and choose the hours you work.

Set up a website and reach out to clients around the world. Again, you can work anywhere, and if you need help on how to start a business from your home, there are many online workshops available.


Parenthood is no easy task, but there are jobs available that can help a parent earn money while caring for the kids. Thankfully, with technology becoming more innovative as the days go on, there are plenty of working from home opportunities.

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