4 Commonly Overlooked Cleaning Areas in Your Home

A clean house has a huge effect on our mental and physiological health. Well-cleaned and tidied houses are essential for eliminating stress, providing peaceful sleep, and improving creativity along with our social lives. We are not here to pile on, but we have noticed that these four areas are often overlooked in your cleaning routine. Even if you hardly notice them, they are still affecting how your house feels and looks. 



In addition to making our homes feel cozy, carpets also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the place. Vacuuming will only clean the top layer of the carpets. Not only does professional carpet cleaning ensure the longevity of the carpet by preventing mold, but it also keeps your home free from insects and bacteria. Professional cleaners go for more complicated cleaning methods such as hot water extraction to remove the buildup of dead skin cells, dust, dirt, and pet dander if you have any pets. 


Air Vents 

Our air vents protect us from allergies and asthmas by filtering the air from dust and promoting airflow. Air vents are usually one of the most overlooked places to clean due to their place; they are usually up in the ceiling if not, they are tucked away and unnoticeable. You can simply wipe them down and change the filters every now and then. Integrating them in your cleaning routine is highly important to ensure the quality of the air you and your family are breathing. 


Washing Machines

Front-loading washers are a huge addition, when it comes to saving energy. However, they need a higher level of maintenance than old top-loading models. If you feel like your clothes smell funny or bad even after you have just washed them, the reason might be the moldy insides of your washing machine. We need to properly clean washers. All you need to do is empty the washing machine, add vinegar instead of detergent, and choose the hottest water setting. 


Knobs, Handles, And Switches 

You might think that these items are hard to ignore due to the fact that we use them multiple times a day. However, they are usually the most overlooked areas in any cleaning routine because they tend to blend in walls and doors. It’s very important to clean, disinfect, and polish these parts because they could easily collect dust. We could easily avoid this germs fiasco by wiping these surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaner every now and then to ensure the safety of our families and ourselves. 


We can’t deny the fact that messy houses are hard to live in. You might think that you are okay with the mess, but the truth is, your house will never feel like a home where you get to relax and unwind in when it’s messy or dirty. Cluttered spaces are usually stressful, distracting, and unclean. Taking care of house chores and cleaning the things you own will save you a lot of money due to the increase in your belongings’ shelf life. 


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