4 Back-to-the-Office Essentials for Autumn 2021

Are you ready to return to the office in style? Is your workplace equipped to welcome employees back after a long time away? Whether you find the idea of returning to the office exhilarating or terrifying, here are some tips to make sure you return in style without compromising your comfort—and even make your employees happy in the process.

1. Comfortable office wear

Who says that returning to the office has to mean the end of working in comfortable clothes? While those joggers you have been wearing day in and day out since March last year might not quite make the cut for the workplace, many businesswomen will be relieved to hear that there is now a trend for smart casual office wear that combines comfort and style. Blazer cardigans are here to stay, at least for now, and many celebrities have even been spotted wearing hoodies under their blazers – yes, really! We all know that when a famous person embarks on a new path, common people follow – so as you return to office life, don’t be afraid to choose clothes that look smart but also feel comfortable. Perhaps the COVID-19 pandemic was what the world needed to finally get rid of the notion that you need to suffer in order to look professional!

2. A hybrid smartwatch

For a lot of people, gym closures due to the pandemic have meant a loss of opportunities to exercise, although many will have made good use of the mild summer weather to go for walks, bike rides or runs. Whether you are trying to start an exercise routine for the first time, keeping up your streak or trying to get back into fitness after a pandemic-induced break, a hybrid smartwatch is the best way to keep track of your exercise while looking professional. Hybrid smartwatches look just like regular analogue watches but are fitted with the same sensors and connectors as other smartwatches, which allows them to track your heart rate, miles run and other fitness indicators. You can then access this information via an app on your phone. The days of choosing between tracking your fitness and looking professional are over!

3. A totepack

Oversized tote bags are a recurring fashion trend that is staying strong this season. Most of us will be familiar with the advantages of carrying a tote bag, especially one with some internal organisation and a dedicated laptop compartment: this kind of handbag allows you to carry all your many essential items – laptop, laptop charger, phone, phone charger, purse, make-up bag and so on – without looking like you’re setting off for a mountain expedition. Even better, however, is the ‘totepack’: a versatile bag that can either be worn as a regular tote or as a backpack. These stylish hybrid bags offer the perfect solution for style-conscious commuters who care about the health of their spine, so grab yourself a Macys coupon, take advantage of this famous shop’s newly-established UK site and treat yourself to a totepack!

4. An espresso machine with pre-infusion functionality

Finally, make your employees’ return to the office worth it with a new espresso machine. Pre-infusion, the latest trend in espresso-making, means letting water into the coffee puck at low pressure a few minutes before brewing. This method, according to the experts, produces a superior cup of coffee. Go on – you and your employees deserve it!

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