3 Ways to Test Your Baking Skills During Lockdown

Being in lockdown isn’t easy for anyone. Being unable to make exciting plans or venture out into various parts of the world to see friends or just to explore can have a serious toll on your mental wellbeing. In light of this, the lockdown has become a fantastic opportunity to develop skills or hobbies at home that you would have otherwise not had time for. It occupies your mind and makes the most of a bad situation, turning it into something positive.

Baking has been a popular choice throughout, and for a good reason; it’s a valuable skill with an engaging learning curve that pays out with tasty rewards. If you started baking when restrictions began, though, you might be running out of ways to keep yourself invested. Perhaps you feel you’ve mastered the art. Regardless, there still may be ways to push yourself and find there is even more enjoyment to be had.

Baking for Aesthetics with Decorative Cakes

Baking something to taste good is one thing; baking something to look good is another game entirely. Cake decorating is an art unto itself, entirely separate from baking some may argue, but it’s definitely related, a natural sideways step for someone looking to expand their repertoire. If a relative or friend has a birthday coming up, and you want to give them something to lift their spirits in these trying times, this could be a good time to flex your creative muscles.

Consider including birthday cake toppers to give your cake a glamorous finish; having your cake personalized can add a professional touch, acting as the cherry on top of your decoration. If you’re struggling for ways to decorate the rest of your cake, several ideas can be found online.

Consider Making Your Own Pastry

Pies, quiches, bakes, strudels, there are any number of pastry dishes that you can try your hand at baking. However, it’s difficult to wade your way into the world of pastries without a helping hand from pre-made pastry from supermarkets to work with as a base. There’s no shame in that, it’s much easier, and the results speak for themselves. That being said, if you really wanted to challenge yourself, you could try starting from the ground-up and make your own pastry from scratch.

The ingredients you need are often commonplace, so that shouldn’t be an issue; the bulk of the task comes down to the technique. Additionally, make sure you know which pastry you’ll be working with for which dish. Shortcrust if you plan on making a quiche, for example.

Working with What You’ve Got

This is the true test. However, often you shop to stock up on supplies for meals and whatever else; you’ll always come to the end of each cycle where you are left with the scraps that will either roll over or be destined for the bin eventually. This doesn’t need to be the case; several of these leftovers will make fine ingredients for baking; there’s a high chance it could even force you to get more creative with your recipes, as you’ll be restricted with what you can use.

If you’re struggling to think of a way to combine what you have in front of you, there are helpful tools available to give you a guiding hand.

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