3 Warning Signs That It May Be Time to Replace Your Mattress

Our modern life is full of pressure and stress.  Every human being needs to have rest to return to daily activities with full energy. However, as it turns out, not each person sleeps well during the night. The National Sleep Foundation has announced the results of the recent survey held among women. The results show that 60% of women sleep well only several times a week but not every day that influences their life greatly. Doctors are unanimous in their idea that there is nothing more important than sleep for our health, beauty and the eternal youth thus sleep time shouldn’t be sacrificed for other things. In our 24/7 society, to get a good night sleep is of vital importance for our body, just like water or fresh air are.

When we buy a mattress for a good sleep, we expect it to serve us for long since life expectancy of most mattresses is 10 years. Nevertheless, sometimes we could notice the signs that mean we should replace our mattress even if its warranty didn’t end yet. Are you interested to know what these signs are? This article will describe three of them.

The first sign is your mattress’ age. If it is about 8 years old, be ready to buy a new one the sooner the better. Be aware that since the time you bought it (for instance, 8 years ago), some changes have happened to your body. These changes might be natural (weight, age and others) or forced (accident, operation, etc.) but it means your mattress doesn’t give you necessary support anymore as it used to.

Referring to International Medical Cooperation Committee, waking up exhausted in the morning is another warning sign that it may be the time to replace your mattress. Your mattress should properly support you and if it does not, you toss over the night trying to find the most comfortable position and, as a result, you feel tired in the morning with pains and aches because you actually have not slept good at all.

The fact that you start avoiding your bed when the bedtime is coming, points out to the third cautionary sign to throw away your old mattress. The decision to sleep on other furniture such as armchair, couch, car seat or recliner is not a good idea, as they are not intended for night sleeping.

Get a properly supportive mattress such as tuft & needle; don’t grudge your money but make a long-lasting lucrative investment in your mattress!

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