3 Vinyl Floor Cleaning Hacks You’ll Regret Not Knowing

No task is really as difficult as you think it is. For every task you are always struggling to carry out, there is either a certain knowledge about the task that you lack or certain equipment used for the task that you don’t have. Always remember that there are simple hacks for virtually every task, but this article is based on hacks for cleaning a vinyl floor.


Prevention is always better than cure and this is applicable to cleaning a vinyl floor too. The most effective way to clean any kind of floor is to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place. While you can’t really prevent your floor from getting dirty, you can still reduce the amount of dirt that gets to the floor by making use of a high quality door mat. That takes off some of the dirt under people’s shoes before they enter your house or office depending on where it is. That being said, here are the few hacks for cleaning a vinyl floor that you will wish you had known before now.

Use a special mop

Traditional mops may help to remove some dirt, but they don’t do an effective cleaning job, especially in homes where there are kids and pets. Only very few people are aware of a vinyl floor steam mop. This special mop is made for mopping vinyl floors. With about 212 Fahrenheit of steam, these mops can clean up 99.5% of the dirt in your apartment in a single mopping session. If you use this special mop on your vinyl floor, you will wish you had known it a long time ago.

Use a shampoo

In case you are not aware, shampoos are good vinyl floor cleaners. You are probably wondering if there is a special shampoo that you have not heard of. Well, nobody is talking about any special shampoo. It is the most common hair shampoo. It has certain ingredients that can get a vinyl floor super clean, especially when the dirt is fraught with hairspray. Do you know how gasoline reacts with engine oil and dissolves it? Shampoos work the same way against hairspray.

Use the right cleanser

There are several cleansers, but none can be as effective for your vinyl floor like the one specifically made for it. So, it is necessary to purchase any cleanser that is meant for vinyl floors. Moreover, some cleansers are made for no-wax floors, you can opt for this if your vinyl floor is made with no-wax vinyl. If not, you will need to apply the wax before cleaning it. Rinse it with clean, cold water thereafter to avoid leaving any residue.

Conclusively, the hacks of cleaning a vinyl floor discussed above may be strange to you, but there are other familiar techniques that you have never tried at all. The longer it takes you to clean a vinyl floor the more dirt builds up and the more it is grounded in. So, it is better to clean your floor very often. Nothing stops you from mopping your floor every evening. In addition, it is also a great idea to clean spills and wipe stain as soon as they appear or as soon as you detect them. More importantly, don’t use too much water as it will find its way into cracks, edges, and seems to destroy the glue that holds down the vinyl. When the glue is weak, the tile will become loose.


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