3 Tech-Based Hobbies for Your Tween to Engage In

Tweens are a special group. They aren’t young kids anymore, but they also aren’t teens or close to their adult years. Keeping tweens busy can be tricky as you have to hit that happy medium with activities that don’t seem too childish, but also aren’t too advanced. This is where technology can prove to be a great help, as many hobbies are tech-based. Here’s a look at three fun and engaging tech-based hobbies that could be perfect for your tween.

Coding Is Among the Hottest Tech Trends for Tweens

When you think of coding, you may not instantly picture kids sitting in front of a device doing it themselves but that’s exactly where we’re at. These days, kids are learning coding at a very young age, with some even being taught it in school. They are learning how to code their programs, games, and apps – something that is pretty mind-blowing to parents.

While coding is highly technical it’s also very creative, so it’s a great activity that feeds their mind. You’ll find all kinds of online resources that will teach kids how to code, and you may even want to take an active role and join in the fun. If it’s something they end up liking, you can look for local coding classes to enrol them in so they can advance their skills.

Laptops Can Make Drawing Feel More Intuitive and High-Tech

If your tween shows an interest in drawing then they likely have a supply of drawing materials such as a sketch pad and pencils. And while there is nothing wrong with the traditional approach to drawing, the hobby can feel more fun, intuitive and high-tech with the help of a laptop. Using a laptop for drawing takes things to the next level, as mistakes and tweaks to their work are simplified.  

A couple of cool features to look for include a laptop that converts to a tablet so they can hold it easier while drawing – much like a sketchpad – and a device that uses a stylus pen for drawing. And, because it’s a laptop, it means it’s portable so tweens can take it on the go with them.

Be sure to also pick them up a carrying case for their drawing laptop, as this will protect it from spills, falls and accidents.

Video Editing Is Much More User-Friendly Nowadays

Then we’ve got video editing, which used to be a process that was much more advanced and confusing. Thanks to the software and tools available today, tweens can easily pick up this skill and learn how to edit all their videos. You may just have a budding film director and producer on your hands.

You can do a little research on the best software for their laptop or desktop operating system. Be sure to look for one that is intuitive and doesn’t require a lot of steps. As they get more confident in their video editing skills, you can upgrade their hardware to a laptop or computer better designed for the task.

Each of these hobbies does a great job of tapping into your tween’s tech-minded interests and can provide them with useful skills for the workforce.

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