3 Small Business Ideas for Mums Who Want More Time with the Kids

It’s a common dream for most people to be able to work for themselves and control their own business hours, but especially so for those mums and parents who are trying to juggle set working hours around seeing their kids. Sometimes, even picking up the kids from school can be a stressful endeavour in terms of making sure that you’re free and out of work in time to do so.

So, with that in mind, here are some small business ideas that can easily be implemented around a family schedule and easily done from home or from a location of your choosing.

1.Provide a Valeting Service

Everyone needs their car washed at some point or another, which makes a valeting service a fun and relevant small business idea for you. If you have a space to use, such as a garage rental or perhaps the means to procure a spot where you can perform your valeting duties, there’s no reason this can’t be a viable opportunity. What makes it great is that you can even get the whole family involved in cleaning those cars left with you, meaning it’s not only a business opportunity but quality family time!

When operating any business related to consumer vehicles, you should also find motor trade insurance which covers what you are doing.

2. Blogging from Home

There’s a huge market for blogging and a rise in home-based freelancers making a living from developing articles and blogs from the comfort of their home. With a role like this, you can station yourself in your home, which can even mean the same room as the kids (if they’re not distracting you too much) and know that you don’t have to worry about a busy commute which could affect your family routine. Stop working at any time when you know you need to pick up the kids or tailor your blogging around your kids’ social and school schedule easily.

3. Arts and Crafts

Maybe you’re a dab hand at crafts and you have a hobby which you’ve perfected. There’s no reason this can’t be transformed into a side business stationed within your home.

Whether it’s creating ornaments, pieces of artwork, or creating crafty items such as greeting cards or photo albums, these are items that will always have a market and which will enable you to have your own working hours. You could even get your kids and family to join in and help you make a few items, meaning you’ll be teaching them valuable skills along the way.

You could even develop your own website and Etsy shop to sell your merchandise without having to leave your home and go to work.

Whatever you choose to do, ensure that it fits best around your own personal interests and family time, and is actually something you’re going to enjoy doing in order to make the best out of it. Even if it’s only a temporary working project, it’s still extra quality time with the kids while they are growing up.


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