3 Composite Products for Your Garden

Composite products are the perfect happy medium for someone who doesn’t want to sacrifice durability for aesthetic. You may have come across the concept of composite products if you’ve recently had a new front door fitted. These products are made from a combination of materials to ensure that they stand the test of time, and any unfortunate incidents, whether you happen to have a bad weather spell or something hits them with force.

If you’re currently looking to overhaul your garden, the composite products could help you to create an environment that’s weather-proof. Here are the top three composite products for your garden.



Composite products come in handy when it comes to surfaces that have to face the elements. There’s nothing more soul destroying than installing new decking, only for it to rot over time. In fact, some would say that mouldy decking is often an inevitability. The only way to prevent it is to regularly clean it (often with a pressure washer) and to constantly keep leaves and other debris off it; as these could also rot and kick-start the problem. Of course, varnishing and lacquering it will ensure that it doesn’t succumb to this fate, however, this is incredibly high maintenance. Composite materials, however, are far lower maintenance. You won’t have to constantly re-stain it and worry about it perishing after a few bleak winters.

In terms of safety, it also has a slight advantage. You can buy non-slip decking varieties for your back garden. This is ideal if you live in a wet climate and have small children running about the place.


The image of someone having to re-stain and varnish their fence or cover it in white wash is one that has a certain vintage appeal. However, in practical terms, having to re-paint your fence is incredibly annoying; not to mention strenuous. You’ll find that you don’t have to go through so much fuss with eco-friendly, composite garden fencing panels.



Wooden gates have a timeless appeal, and they’re often the perfect way to enter a garden attached to a building that has heaps of history. However, as with both of the above features, wooden alternatives are high-maintenance. If you have small children and no one in the house who is pretty adept at DIY, then wooden garden features are likely to fall into disrepair. Installing a composite gate is more likely to withstand not only the elements, but also all of the physical damage it could succumb to, such as children playing games, a dog jumping at it repeatedly, or other accidents.

Composite products are perfect for parents and homeowners who don’t want to devote half of their life to upkeep and maintenance. Ensuring that your fences and decking are constantly re-stained and cleaned is a nightmare if you have a busy schedule, particularly on the weekends. Opting for modern composites on doors and gates is also a great way to keep a traditional aesthetic, while also keeping them robust.

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