11 Reasons To Enroll Your Child In An Early Childhood Education Program

Does preschool really matter? This question is only one of the hundreds of questions parents are faced at crossroads. While some parents are for it, others are against it. Beyond the convenience early childhood education provide for busy parents to have some extra hours on their hands, sending your kids to daycare and preschool does have its advantages. 

However, like any other decision parents make, sending kids to early childhood schools like Lolo’s Childcare and other daycare or preschools should be backed with much research and thought.

With that said, here are eleven reasons to convince you that enrolling your child in an early childhood education program is, in fact, a great idea:

  1. Provides A Different Learning Environment From Home

There’s no denying that one’s home can never mimic the same learning experience as it is at school. This situation is all the truer for very young toddlers who find their home and their parents as the most comfortable place to be in. 

Even if you have a dedicated classroom for learning and a routine in place, it may be more challenging to intentionally teach your young child in the manner that expert preschool teachers do.  

By sending your child to an early childhood education program, they’ll be able to have a new learning environment where they can learn in ways that interest them. The teachers can also guide them and encourage your child’s creativity along the way.

Most importantly, there are lessons best taught and experienced at school that you may not have thought about introducing yourself or that home can never teach. One example of this is teaching your child how to interact and socialize with other kids who aren’t their cousins or within their comfort bubble.

  1. Allows Your Child To Gain New Experiences

Home is the safest place to be. However, it’s not necessarily where your kids can spread their wings and learn new experiences. By sending your child to an early childhood education program, they can partake in many events where they can gain new experiences. 

For example, children can participate in a Career Day, which will allow your child to have an up-close view of the various jobs available. Perhaps they can have a chance to get inside a police car or fire truck when the preschool invites policemen and firemen over for the event. 

In addition, children can also participate in Family Day, where they can have fun with their family members and learn the importance of family. These memories are special in a little child’s mind. By enrolling them in an early childhood education program, they will have the chance to gain these new experiences.

  1. Helps Maintain A Routine Of Activities

Setting a routine for children is essential in their development, as it helps develop their discipline. In addition, it also helps set the day in order. The kids and the parents don’t have to be all over the place when there’s a structure to follow. However, this structure can be harder to maintain if the kids are just at home the whole time. 

As daycares and preschools offer a structured setting, children will be able to maintain a routine of activities better. This structure will also allow them to feel secure and avoid behavioral issues, as kids will know what is expected of them. 

By training children to follow a routine and structure, it will enable them to develop good habits and organizational skills, which is beneficial as they grow up.

  1. Creates A Place To Practice Your Kid’s Social Skills

Academic or mental development isn’t the only facet of growth that kids should have. It’s also important for very young children to practice their social skills, which means making friends and interacting with other kids their age. It’s not enough to simply keep children comfortable in the safety bubble and ‘friendship’ they find in their parents and relatives.

In addition, children can’t fully develop their social skills when the parents and adults interfere too often or are consistently lurking around. At daycare or preschool, your kid can have a taste of independence. They will have the opportunity to learn how to make friends with others and resolve conflicts on their own.

  1. Teaches Your Child To Share

One of the things many young children struggle with is sharing. Especially if you have an only child, this can be an even more pressing concern. When kids aren’t exposed to other children their age, they may not be able to practice their sharing skills.  

In daycares and preschools, there are activities that will help teach your child how to share. The teacher will also be there to correct their behavior. With this opportunity to share with other kids their age, children will understand why sharing is important. They may even grow to become more generous adults who can get along well more with others.

  1. Develops An Early Love For Learning

Not all children are excited by the prospect of going to school. Luckily enough, one of the significant advantages of enrolling your child in an early childhood education program is that it develops a love for learning at an early stage. The reason for this goes back to the expertise shown by the teachers. 

In daycares and preschools, your kid has access to toys, educational materials, music, and art activities that you may not necessarily have at home. With teachers making learning fun and incorporating play in their activities, young children won’t fear learning and studying anymore. Early on in their life, they will understand and accept how learning is an inevitable part of their life.

  1. Makes It Easier For Your Kid To Adjust To Grade 1

When your kids are already used to the classroom setting, the first day of Grade 1 will no longer be a daunting experience. In fact, your child may become one of those kids who look forward to their first day of school, as they’re already familiar with how school works.

By sending your child to early childhood programs, they may not feel anxious in the presence of other children anymore. Most importantly, your kid may have now learned to acclimate with other adults, who are their teachers.

  1. May Improve Your Kid’s Behavior

It’s not just the academic skills that get shaped in a classroom setting. Behavioral and character traits are developed as well. The reason for this is simple. When your kid is in the presence of other children, they will learn how to share, interact with, and respect other kids. 

In addition, through their classmates, your child can get exposed to different cultures and races at an early age. This situation can help them become more respectful and mindful about other peoples’ practices. 

  1. Teaches Discipline

Toddlers often misbehave around their parents because they’re comfortable at home. Yes, they know that mom or dad will still get angry if they don’t follow directions. However, that doesn’t mean they necessarily see mom or dad as a person of authority.

In early childhood programs, your kids will have to follow directions or instructions from a non-family member, which will be a good eye-opener for them. Remember that foundations of discipline are best built during the early stages of life when the kids are still like sponges. Learning how to obey and follow orders from a teacher enables your child to have a good kick-start to character building in life.

  1. Improves Your Kid’s Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem

At early childhood schools, your kid is exposed to interacting both with kids and adults. These are interactions without the presence of parents consistently peering over their shoulders. 

Giving your kid the freedom to interact with others on their own is actually a key component of improving their self-confidence and self-esteem. The reason for this is kids will learn how to talk, deal with, and interact with others independently.

In addition, in daycares and preschools, children will have the chance to do things for themselves. For example, they will learn how to wash their hands, take off their shoes, and go to the bathroom on their own.

  1. Develops Your Child’s Motor Skills

Motor skills are important for a kid’s holistic development, and the activities offered in early childhood education programs can help your child build these skills. For example, learning how to pick up small objects, such as a crayon and puzzle, can help develop your child’s pincer ability. 

In addition, preschool provides various activities that give your child the opportunity to run, climb, and play active games that can help develop their fine motor skills. The puzzle activities and playing with building blocks can also develop your kid’s eye-hand coordination.


Enrolling your child in an early childhood education program is a big decision to make. However, whether you’re in favor of it or against it, it is beneficial in your kid’s growth and development. 

Early childhood education programs can help build your child’s love for learning, teach good habits, improve their self-confidence and motor skills, as well as prepare your child for the future. Hopefully, the points above will encourage you to enroll your child in a daycare or preschool.

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