10 Style Tips for Trendy Mums in 2019

It’s tempting to roll out of bed and slide on a pair of sweatpants, especially when you’re as busy as a mum. Choosing what to wear can be a headache and not being able to put together an outfit you like can make getting dressed a tedious affair. The good news is that even during this season of life, looking and feeling great doesn’t have to be difficult.

You don’t need to spend hours every morning outfitting yourself with heels, blazers and a plethora of accessories. If anything, looking good as a mum is a fairly straightforward formula. Your clothes simply need to be easy to wear and wash, casual, comfortable and, of course, a little polished.

Whether you’re making the daily run to school, working around the clock or taking playground duty, here’s how you can keep your style on point in 2019.

Upgrade Your Kicks

Having a comfortable pair of shoes readily available is a must for any stylish mum. Athletic sneakers tend to look a little too sporty, whereas non-athletic sneakers will work better with a wider variety of outfits. Opt for clean and simple pair with minimal logos or detailing, as it will further add to their versatility.

That said, don’t be afraid to explore more interesting style options. Look for sneakers that feature contrast detailing, such as mesh or leather panels. Perhaps a funky lace design or an outsole with a unique pattern will do the trick. Keep in mind that soles that go upwards of 1.5 inches are likely better suited to the gym.

Create Your Own Color Palette

A surefire way to ensure that all of your pieces match is to stick to a specific color scheme. This way, no matter what you decide to wear, everything will look great together. Monochrome and tonal colors are the most versatile.

Sticking to blacks, whites and greys for clothes you wear often, such as jeans and shirts, will ensure that they match with the more unique items in your wardrobe. It also allows your statement pieces to stand out.

Wrap up With a Scarf

Scarves are comfortable, chic, sophisticated and extremely versatile. Go for a cotton or silk scarf to avoid having to worry about creases. They also happen to dry a lot quicker. If you’re keen to make an investment, mulmul is even softer than cotton and is water repellent. Chiffon scarves are a great lightweight alternative for capturing the summery breeze.

Stash one in your handbag for a convenient style-booster whenever you need it.

New Year, New Hair

From lilac locks to slicked backs, 2019 has already brought us a variety of hair trends to choose from. Changing up your hairstyle is an easy way to refresh your look. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new styles and colors. Accessories can also make a huge difference. Everything from butterfly clips to zigzag headbands is a go in 2019.

Cash in on Comfort With Leggings

Leggings have become a staple for every mum’s wardrobe – and for good reason. They’re extremely comfortable, easy to wear, easy to wash and go with just about anything. While there are plenty of different color and pattern choices to choose from these days, a simple pair of matte or liquid black leggings will never go out of style.

With leggings, layering is key. Add a longline tee, tunic or utility jacket to add dimension and effort into your ensemble. Faux leather leggings are also increasing in popularity thanks to their sexier, more sophisticated look. Avoid pairs with contrast stitching, too many logos or sheer panels to avoid crossing the line between athleisure and athletic.

Ditch the Diaper bag

As you may have realized, having children means carrying around a lot of stuff. Snacks, bottles, toys and, of course, diapers. Ditching the diaper bag for a more stylish option is a great way to elevate your look. Go for a leather or faux leather option for maximum sophistication.

As for color, black is versatile and won’t show marks and stains easily – which are inevitable. Using an organizer insert will help you keep your tote bag or backpack in order. Stay away from cheaper materials such as canvas as they tend to lack strength and are a go-to for a more utilitarian look.

…and the Mom Jeans

There’s a reason more women are wearing tights. Slim is in and nothing looks better than a form-fitting pair of jeans, regardless of your body type. Baggy jeans tend to ruin not only your silhouette but also the look of your footwear. Go for jeans with at least 2% lycra content in the material; this way, you’re rest-assured they’ll stretch.

Learn the Tricks of the Trade

There are plenty of clever styling tricks out there that every mum should know. For example, you can change up the look of your jeans by rolling up the hem. This way, you can rock two different styles from a single piece. You can do the same to your shirts by rolling up the sleeve so that the cuff is by your elbow before rolling the bottom up twice more.

Tucking the front part of your shirt or jersey into your jeans and pulling the sides down is another great way to change up the look of already existing pieces in your wardrobe. It also helps give you a more defined waistline, which is always great.


If Marilyn Monroe wore one, there’s no denying that button downs are a classic wardrobe staple. They perfectly compliment jeans, work with just about everything and can be worn for both casual or formal occasions.

Dress for Your Body Type

Knowing which silhouettes work best on your body type is a tremendously effective way to improve your look. Depending on the shape of a garment, it will drape around your body accordingly. Use this to your advantage and enhance certain features, such as the length of your legs or the slimness of your waist.


Being a mum shouldn’t deter you from paying attention to your style. With a few changes here and there, you can elevate your look and ensure that you’re always the best-dressed in the room. That way you can focus on the little ones and all the obligations that come with keeping them satisfied.

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