10 Steps to Planning a Boudoir Photoshoot

A boudoir photoshoot can seem a little daunting, these tips will help you to overcome your initial nerves and have a great boudoir experience.

Step One: Set up your Photoshoot Environment

This is the best time to stage your photoshoot before you are in front of the camera. This means that you can set up your background and props – but remember not to overdo it! Think about the type of mood you want for your boudoir photoshoot. Would you like it intimate or playful?

Step Two: Prepare yourself mentally

You want to prepare yourself mentally for your shoot, remember not to overthink it. A boudoir photoshoot is something that you will be very proud of and will look back on with much joy later in life. It is worth meeting with your boudoir photographer before yous shoot to ensure you are comfortable with your choice of photographer. Don’t overthink what you are doing and just enjoy it!

Step Three: Get a spray tan!

You do not have to get a spray tan if you don’t want one, but most people find that it helps. Try not to get too dark though; otherwise, you will have difficulty editing out the dark shadows if your skin is too dark.

Step Four: Haircare

Remove any unwanted hair with tweezers or waxing. You don’t have to do this, but it is an optional extra. Do not shave just before your shoot, as any hair will show up in your photos.

Step Five: Accentuate your lips

Apply a thin layer of lip gloss or light-coloured powder to the centre of your lips. This helps to even out any uneven lips, making them appear smoother. Also, if you have dark circles under the eyes, try adding a thin layer of concealer to brighten them up.

Step Six: Remove distracting jewellery

If you are going for a boudoir style shoot, make sure that you do not wear any jewellery as it makes the photo look more professional.

Step Seven: Feel confident in the lingerie you choose

Choose the outfits that you want to wear for your shoot. Do you want to do a more formal shoot with dresses and lingerie, or would you prefer a more playful, casual look with jeans and smocks? Remember this is your photoshoot, so make sure that you are comfortable.

Step Eight: Make-up

Get yourself ready before your boudoir photoshoot! There’s no need to get make-up done professionally, as long as it is natural-looking. Don’t go for bold red lips if you don’t usually wear them. Also, remember that the point of the boudoir photo shoot is to show off your body, so keep any jewellery thin and minimalistic.

Step nine: Stay hydrated

Have a flask of water ready. You may also have a bottle of wine ready. You do not have to drink alcohol before the photoshoot, but it’s not a bad idea as it can help you relax and prepare you for the shoot. Just make sure you don’t overdo it!

Step Ten: Make sure you have fun

Make sure you don’t take your photoshoot too seriously, it should be an enjoyable experience, and the photographs will reflect how you were feeling! You should be aiming to have photographs that you will be proud of.

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