10 Good Reasons to Become a Foster Carer

A child’s safety is important and some children may be placed in the care of someone else. Foster carers are a key part of making certain the child continues to be cared for and that their wellbeing is placed front and centre.

Foster carers are needed to provide a safe and happy home for the children that are removed from their own families. Many people do not understand how much a foster carer undergoes in taking on such a role. Being a part of the foster care community is important to the child and the community at large.

Making a difference

You can make a difference by being a foster carer. It doesn’t matter if you are not an expert on it because foster care information is available for those interested in helping a child. Providing a nurturing and safe environment produces a positive change within the children. There is hard work, but it pays off in the end due to the child always remembering the influence of a positive adult.

Additionally, providing this type of care to children helps the adult to have a positive outlook on life. If the foster carer has children of his/her own, then those children learn to understand that not every child comes from a safe and stable home. This grows empathy and compassion for others.

Deep human connections

The connection made with a foster child is unlike anything else. As a foster carer you become a part of that child’s family and future. As these children get older they may reach out to share in their success and how they have progressed onward to becoming an adult.

The surprise of new company

You never know when a foster care need will arise. Not knowing always leaves some hint of surprise. This brings new energy into the house. There is a flow of a change of faces too that keeps things interesting.

Shows A Diverse world

There is a range of social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. This is great diversity. Not only do foster carers come from all walks of life so do the children. Carers range from being single, same-sex, sole parents, working part time and working full time. The same depth of range for carers happens with the children too.


Foster carers do not simply end their learning process once the children are dropped off at their homes. Agencies provide ongoing training and education. Strategies are shared for providing balanced discipline. The benefits of seeing implementing these strategies also helps the children. Additionally, a worker is provided to foster carers in order to provide support, and to give advice.

Sense of community

The mix of carers is a great number. The mix ranges from emergency, long term placements, respite, and short term. The commitment makes carers bound together. Through the challenges there is always someone who can relate and provide a listening ear and support. There are also organized networks where carers are paired with others who have more experience.

Biological parents appreciate it too

Having a shared vision for the child makes the union between the biological parent and the caregiver even stronger. A bond can form and a collaborative relationship can happen that benefits the child. Imagine when the child has a small community behind her that is supportive. That is the power of the biological parents and the foster carer.

Some empathy is needed too as carers have to remember that parents have had their child removed. This can be a trying time where patience and understanding is needed. This type of community building is not easy nor quick, but worth the efforts of those involved for the child’s sake.

Lifelong commitment not necessary

You can specify how long you want to provide care for a child. You can provide care for a child for a few weeks, months, or even years. It is up to you to decide and communicate with the agency. Essentially the fostering is to get the children back to their own home.

State the age

Are you one who enjoys changing diapers? Or, do you prefer caring for a child in their teenage years? You can select and specify which age and even gender you prefer to assist. Some foster carers are better at providing for a certain age group and in order to make things easier, they can decide what works best for them.

Be a Kid Again

Children love to play and now you can join them. When you provide foster care you take on the spirit of being playful. It’s infectious when a child is playing so much with toys, their friends, outdoors, or even in their imagination. You can join in too! This helps to connect with the child. Doing this creates a connection to the child and also rejuvenates you.

During the trying times of a crisis, a foster carer could provide a world of difference to a child. The factors vary as to why a child has to be taken from their home, but the foster carer helps to make the transition smoother. Joining a community that cares for a child is a big and selfless step. By signing on to become a foster carer you decide to place a child in the center and become a cheerleader of positive growth for that child.


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