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  1. Hi Louise

    Its Nicky from Ruby & WIllow please can we have prices for an advertisement for our website

    Many thanks

  2. Dear Louise

    Could you please share this on your site?

    Epping Forest District Council have a new project launching to help community members become more active.

    If you do less than 30 minutes activity a week, for example walking or an exercise class OR you do NO exercise activity at all due to being too busy or too expensive, medically unable or simply for whatever reason you lack the confidence motivation or drive to get active please contact the number below…

    01992 564561

    1) Say you would like to book your first appointment with an Active Living Professional.

    2) tell them you do less than 30 minutes activity a week

    3) well done you have taken your first step to a healthier happier and better life

    4) your health is your wealth

    5) look forward to meeting you in mid May when the project starts

    6) IT IS FREE

    The Government are funding projects like this to improve Community Health, bring the community together and most importantly that EXERCISE whatever it is should not be feared ….

    Whatever level of your physical ability or age ( as long as above 16 years) we can tailor the program to your needs.

    I look forward to meeting with you in May with the Exercise professional who will help you on your way.

    For those reading this PLEASE SHARE for those you think may be interested or help to refer a friend who may be too shy ..

    Your Health is not just about your physical body but your mind too…

    I have spent many years in Nursing Midwifery and Health Visiting and I am now moving into improving Community Health and will work with all exercise professionals to support you..

    You will be safe in our Hands 🙂

  3. Hi my name is Andrew I am the Pub manager at the Moon on the square in Basildon part of Jd wetherspoon, Currently we are in a position where we are able to offer services in helping meetups and are able to offer food be it meals snacks and or drinks. Be it a coffee morning lunch or a evening social. If you havent been to us before let me know and we can arrange a time for you to see what we have to offer.
    we can be contacted at [email protected]
    or telephone 01268520360 or message via our facebook page also

  4. Louise hi, Katy Grange gave me your contact. My name is Jo and with my daughter we run a small make up business out of Leigh and a craft business and would like some help with advertising/promotion. Katy said you sometimes like to try products so I can send you some samples or you can come to my home for a make over? We currently do home make up parties, my daughter makes over hostess, she also does prom/occasion make over and we can also do make up parties and donate some of the takings to a cause, playgroup etc. Please let me know if you’d like to pop round or we can come to you. Make up website is we are on face book under forever gorgeous cosmetics. Don’t have a website for crafts but can show you them or send you some photos. All of our make up products are registered with the EU and are made in Suffolk.

  5. Teachers required for a one to one tuition company in Hornchurch.

    I am looking for a fully qualified teacher, who would like to do some one to one tuition during the week after school – starting from September, to join our tuition company, based in Hornchurch.

    We opened 4 years ago and we have approx 100 children on our books.

    The applicant must be patient, can teach creatively, good with children and parents and most
    importantly, be reliable.

    As we are constantly expanding, more hours would be available if you wish.
    Please contact me, Robbie Quantrill, if you are interested.
    Salary: £20.00 /hour
    Required experience:
    QTS: 2 years
    Required education: Bachelor’s
    [email protected]

  6. Hi Louise,

    I am a medical and lifestyle concierge based in Essex, I offer next day health appointments with GP’s and other health professionals – as well as networks of the best services from restaurants, cleaners and couriers working within our clients budgets as well as discounted rates and benefits.

    We give back time to busy mum’s, families and corporate individuals and I was wondering whether it would be possible to promote Eminence Wellbeing.
    [email protected]

  7. Hi Louise,

    Just wondering if you have anyone in the Hertfordshire area that offers similar business like yours. As I would like to advertise my business (weightloss). Also how much do you charge for advertising on your website for the Essex area.
    I am LighterLife Mentor for Harlow and also I have also brought a LighterLife franchise and I am Mentorfor the Hertfordshire area. I have worked in the weight management industry for over 4 years and has helped many people overcome their personal barriers to weight loss and weight maintenance. I myself have lost over 3 stones with LighterLife prior to starting as a Customer Service Advisor/ Mentor and have maintained and managed my weight for the past 4 years. Aware of the complex challenges of weight management I am able to help people explore their personal barriers to weight loss and I believe LighterLife’s unique TCBT approach is the only way to truly explore and engage with a healthier lifestyle.

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