Ad Successfully Purchased

Thank you for your purchase. We will now get in touch to let you know what materials we need from you so please check the email account you used to make your paypal purchase.

If you already know the ad size required, or would like us to put the ad together for you, please just email the completed ad, or some text and images to [email protected]




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  1. Hi Louise
    I submitted our ad details earlier today, paid the £4 per month fee for “Make Event Featured” and have now paid a further £9.50 (special offer for a two month advert). I have no idea what is going to appear and when and whether we can use the colour poster I sent you earlier.

    A phone call from you would be much appreciated. Thank you.
    01268 477083

    1. Hi Elaine, I’ve just got in so have emailed you back with details – let me know if you don’t get it.

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